Microsoft Modern Keyboard with Fingerprint ID Released

The Microsoft Modern Keyboard that leaked during the start of 2017, was finally released this week, and while it looks similar to some of the recent keyboards from Microsoft that were released for the Surface Studio PC, this new Microsoft Modern Keyboard also has a fingerprint reader:

The fingerprint reader looks like any other key, and it's located to the right of the Alt key, close to the space bar on the bottom row of keys.

And that design feature essentially defines the rest of the keyboard too. The emphasis is on design and not on a more practical layout with distinctively separate keys, like we get on gaming keyboards.

Microsoft Modern Keyboard with Fingerprint ID Released

The fingerprint reader is only compatible with Windows 10 devices, and can be used to log into Windows through Windows Hello, and it can be used instead of passwords to sign into compatible apps and services. The point of that is the possibility of both enhanced security, as well as saving time by not having to type in passwords all the time.

The keyboard itself is made of an aluminum frame, and the keyboard can be connected by a users choice of either wireless Bluetooth, or by cable. The cable can also be used to charge up the battery, though the battery life is estimated to a solid 4 months long. The wireless range of the keyboard is 33 feet / 10 meters.

– Tom Bowen