LG Gram Laptops From 14″ To 17″ On Sale Before The Holidays

It's been six years already since LG introduced its lightweight series of LG Gram laptops, and their models have advanced nicely year by year.

Now their newest range of LG Gram laptops ranging from 14 inches, to 15.6 inches, 16 inches, and up to 17 inches are all on a sale before the holidays.

The specs can be very good on these lightweight laptops, with specs such as a revolving screen with tablet mode and tent mode, touchscreen, digitizer support, screen resolution up to 2560 x 1600, the latest 11th gen. Intel Core processors, very fast RAM, Thunderbolt 4, Gorilla Glass protection, decent speakers, and choices between shipping with Windows 10 or Windows 11.

And while people often associate LG Gram with white laptops because of its first ads where white LG Gram laptops would be center stage, the newest models comes in colors such as black, grey, and silver now.

– Jim Miller