LG G Pad X 4G LTE Tablet

For the last two days evleaks have been leaking the name of a unofficial tablet for Verizon, which is LG G Pad X.

Then yesterday he followed up with an image too. Unfortunately that's it as far as details go.

But the tablet looks by and large identical to the LG G Pad 8.3 that was launched two years ago, which have already been upgraded to Android 5.1 in Korea.

LG G Pad X
LG G Pad X

The differences in design are merely the new back cover and a swap of the stereo speakers from the right side to the left side.

This isn't the only 4G tablet that LG is refitting or rebranding for Verizon, as LG is doing the same with the rest of the LG G Pad line too these days.

Online, the LG G Pad 4G LTE begins at $129.

Android 5.0 Starts Rolling Out To All Four LG G Pad Tablets
– Tom Bowen