Lenovo Yoga X Rumored – Android Tablet That Can Double As Secondary Display

Mishaal Rahman of XDA Developers has published a piece on an unknown Lenovo tablet sort of device that was discovered by Tillie Kottmann.

Internal documents at Lenovo has shown that Lenovo has at some point been working on an Android tablet device for now simply known as Lenovo Yoga X. If it were to launch, it could double as a secondary display for other computer or gaming devices through a HDMI port, which is nothing new or radical in itself.

But the document describes a few features that Lenovo would implement on the Lenovo Yoga X should this tablet be go into production.

Making passive portable displays more active and feature rich is a trend we have been seeing the last 2 years, so we should expect more projects and products develop in this category ahead.

Alldocube for instance will soon start crowdfunding for the Alldocube Expand X, a 13.3-inch portable display with keyboard, which is also compatible with devices such as Nintendo Switch.

Earlier this week Lenovo themselves even announced what they call the USB-C mobile monitor ThinkVision M14t, which will launch in September for $449.

– Jim Miller