Lenovo Pad Pro 12.7 Not Available Before Q3 2023

From the latest Lenovo leak today, it looks like the new unannounced 2023 version of the Lenovo Pad Pro 12.7 won't be available in stores before August.

But some more is known about the next Android productivity tablet in the 12-inch category all the same.

The 12.7-inch OLED screen will feature a high resolution 2944 x 1840 resolution display with a 144 Hz refresh rate, based on the latest leak.

Lenovo Pad Pro 12.7
Leak of the upcoming Lenovo Pad Pro 12.7

It will continue with quad speakers by JBL, which in traditional Lenovo fashion features Dolby Atmos of course.

Other confirmed specs are a fingerprint reader, facial recognition, a magnetically attachable and wirelessly charging digitizer pen, and an optional keyboard.

The first image leak showed that the Lenovo Xiaoxin Pad Pro 12.7 had one rear camera less than the current Lenovo Tab P12 Pro. But other than this, they seem like pretty similar tablets aimed at the same tablet category.

– Tom Bowen