Lenovo MIIX 700 Windows 10 2-In-1 Tablet Announced

Lenovo took to the IFA trade show in Berlin today to announce a new 12-inch Windows 10 2-in-1 tablet by the name of Lenovo IdeaPad MIIX 700:

This is a powerful tablet with good specs overall and the price isn't too frightening either, starting at $699 when it launches in November. Lenovo Miix 700 is an obvious attempt by Lenovo to emulate the success that Microsoft has had with the Surface Pro 3, so of the current tablets, that's the tablet that the Miix 700 resembles the most.

(UPDATED: The Lenovo Miix 700 aka Lenovo Miix 4, will be released in China starting November 30, with Lenovo Miix 700 December 21 Release Date in the US.)

It is one of few tablets to feature an optional RealSense 3D Camera if you want to pay for that feature. Lenovo has so far only announced the top specs for this tablet, so we don't know about all the variations yet, but we'll list the specification that Lenovo has provided us with thus far.

Windows 10 2-in-1 tablet
Windows 10 2-in-1 tablet Lenovo MIIX 700

So Lenovo Miix 700 is a 12-inch 2-in-1 tablet with magnetically detachable keyboard, which have even copied the same two position keyboard angles that the current Surface tablets have. The resolution of the 12-inch screen is 2160 x 1440 with a maximum brightness of 300 nits. Lenovo doesn't say anything about digitizer support though, which is a very prominent feature of the Surface tablets.

The OS options are between Windows 10 Home and Windows 10 Pro. The processor choices seems to follow the same price options as that of the Surface Pro 3, though on the Miix 700 it has processor options from Intel Core m3,to m5 and m7 processor, which is a good argument for buying this tablet. RAM and storage follows the same price category steps, with up to 8GB LPDDR3L RAM, and up to 256GB SSD storage with 128GB microSD support.

It has a 5MP front camera and a 5MP rear camera with auto focus and LED flash, as well as the aforementioned Intel RealSense Camera. It has a single stereo speaker, a battery life of 9 hours, dual-band 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0, one USB 3.0 port, one USB 2.0 port, micro-HDMI, and a 3.5 mm audio combo jack. Optional 4G LTE and 3G will be available in some markets.

As far as dimensions goes, it's 8.95 mm thick and weighs 780 grams. Preloaded software on the Miix 700 include Lenovo's OneKye Recovery, Companion 3.0, Photo Master, SHAREit, REACHit, WRITEit, and McAfee LiveSafe.

The powerful Skylake processor makes the Lenovo Miix 700 a very attractive Windows 10 tablet. So dear Santa, I want hard packages this Christmas. At least one, with a weight of 780 grams.

Lenovo Miix 700 Windows 10 tablet with Skylake processor
Lenovo Miix 700 Windows 10 tablet with Skylake processor
Lenovo Miix 700 Windows 10 tablet with Skylake processor
Lenovo Miix 700 Windows 10 tablet with Skylake processor
Lenovo Miix 700 Skylake tablet
Lenovo Miix 700 Skylake tablet

– Tom Bowen