Lenovo E-Color Pen Certified By Bluetooth Organization

Lenovo has over 20 different digitizers on the market as of May 2020, but today an additional one with an interesting name appeared in some official certification papers, with the name Lenovo E-Color Pen.

Lenovo isn’t too afraid of launching unique computer products that nobody else makes, so it looks like we are in for another interesting year of Lenovo products now that their production capacity is getting close to 100% again after the lockdown.

The reason the Lenovo E-Color Pen was officially certified was because of its Bluetooth 5.0 specification. But that was the only specification that was revealed in todays approval as well, so now we’ll have to figure out what device it belongs to.

Lenovo E-Color Pen

Lenovo E-Color Pen

– Tom Bowen

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