LastPass vs Dashlane: Which Password Manager Is Better?

A capable password manager is essential for every device. While Google Chrome and iCloud Keychain are popular options, there are feature-packed third-party password managers available as well. LastPass and Dashlane are two such options that offer a range of functionalities. If you're torn between the two, let's explore the differences.

Cross-Platform Availability

LastPass and Dashlane are available on all major platforms, including Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, and as browser extensions. This ensures that you can access your private credentials on any device.

User Interface

LastPass and Dashlane both have intuitive interfaces. LastPass keeps it simple with a standard menu layout, while Dashlane adds a modern touch with a translucent sidebar.

lastpass UI
dashlane home

Adding New Item

LastPass offers a clear and easy-to-use interface for adding new items, with simple icons and relevant details. Dashlane allows you to create profiles for auto-filling forms and offers a separate tab for saving important documents and receipts.

lastpass add item
dashlane new item

Security and Backup

LastPass has faced some security concerns in the past, but the company has taken steps to address them. They store data on their dedicated servers, but it would be beneficial if they allowed consumers to store data on third-party cloud storage as well. Dashlane offers password rating and can generate strong passwords. It also provides additional security features in their paid plans, including a VPN, identity theft protection, and dark web monitoring.


LastPass used to offer multi-device sync for free, but they have recently changed their policy. Now, you need to pay a small fee to use LastPass on multiple devices. LastPass also offers features like password audit, secure notes, password sharing, and browser integration. Dashlane provides a comprehensive audit report and scans the dark web for compromised accounts.

dashlane audit


LastPass offers a subscription model for $3/month, providing access to the app across all platforms and unlocking advanced features. Dashlane plans are slightly more expensive at $3.33 per month but include a VPN. LastPass's Family plan is cheaper at $4 per month compared to Dashlane's $5 per month.

Mobile Apps

Both LastPass and Dashlane offer biometric support, such as Face ID and fingerprint recognition, on their respective platforms. The mobile apps are feature-rich and provide a seamless experience.

Wrap Up: LastPass vs Dashlane Comparison

Both LastPass and Dashlane have their strengths. LastPass has a better user interface and pricing model, while Dashlane offers additional features like a VPN and an advanced audit report. LastPass has addressed previous security concerns and continues to improve its services. Ultimately, the choice depends on your specific needs and preferences.