Keyboard For The Small 8.4-Inch Onexplayer Handheld Pictured Closer

Now that the 8.4-inch One-Netbook Onexplayer is just weeks away from launching, One-Netbook has revealed some more details of the optional keyboard for this little Windows PC too.

The Onexplayer is just an 8.4-inch handheld UMPC or gaming pocket laptop itself, so obviously the keyboard has to be small too if it's to be proportional. And proportional it is. And not just that, but it comes in the shape of a Surface keyboard.

And One-Netbook didn't just manufacture a thoughtless keyboard. This is actually a proper pogo pin connected keyboard, with snappy magnetic attachment, and even a trackpad/touchpad. Although the gaming controllers also have their own mouse control function, as demoed by Liliputing in the excellent Onexplayer review.

The final details for the keyboard does not appear to have been decided on just yet, but you can see the two versions of the small keyboard here. Considering the 2560 x 1600 resolution, Tiger Lake processors, and up to 2TB storage, the Onexplayer really deserved a proper keyboard to go along with it.

– Tom Bowen