Small Portable Bluetooth Speaker JBL Go2 On Sale In March For $24

The small and very portable sandwich sized Bluetooth speaker JBL Go2 is one sale for just $24 in March:

It can be used as a speaker for any device that has either Bluetooth or an audio jack, such as a tablet PC or a smartphone.

Fitting a tablet with large and powerful magnets typically used in powerful speakers can pose a problem for the other hardware inside a tablet computer, not to mention that it drives up weight too.


So adding a more powerful but still cheap and small wireless and rechargeable speaker to your set of tablet accessories often makes a lot of sense if you want improved sound with your videos, music, games, or video chats.

These pocket size speakers are still as portable as the tablet, never get in the way, and can be placed just about anywhere.

The JBL Go2 are not the most powerful Bluetooth speakers on the market, but that's also what makes it portable and light, as it features a 3W speaker with a noise cancelling speakerphone for phone calls too, a 180Hz – 20kHz sound range, and even IPX7 waterproofing.

– Jim Miller