IOS 18 In IPhone 15 Pro With New AI Features And An Improved Siri

IPhone 15 Pro Might Get AI soon

Apple is preparing to start its worldwide developers conference (WWDC) on June 10, where the U.S. tech leader will share updates about advancements in artificial intelligence.

 It is suggested that Apple's next versions of operating systems for iPhones, iPads, and MacBooks will heavily incorporate AI features. 

Usually, Apple reserves new main features for its latest devices. This time, however, the new AI functions and an enhanced Siri might be added to the iPhone 15 Pro models.

On X (previously known as Twitter), Bloomberg's Mark Gurman mentioned that Apple plans to keep the new on-device AI abilities exclusive to the iPhone 15 Pro series and later models, anticipated to launch in September.

This strategy encourages users to switch to newer models. For iPads and MacBooks, the M1 chip would be the minimum requirement to handle AI tasks locally.

Gurman shared more about the upcoming iOS 18 features. Here are the details:

Siri will receive an AI upgrade

According to a previous Bloomberg report, Apple plans to revamp Siri with AI technology. Gurman explained that Apple intends to equip Siri with its own large language model (LLM).

Using this AI model, Siri will be able to manage specific functions inside apps without needing user or developer changes. The AI will analyze how the device is used and enable Siri to assist automatically.

IPhone 15 Pro Might Get AI soon

The updated AI-enabled Siri could handle tasks like managing emails, photos, and files, and even rearrange them in storage. Siri could also be asked to edit photos or write custom messages or emails. 

However, Gurman noted that these capabilities would take some time to develop and are expected to be available next year.

While the full AI-powered Siri might be delayed, Apple might introduce AI features in its native apps with iOS 18.

What Else Is There Besides AI?

iOS 18 might update the appearance of some iPhone features. Apple is said to be redesigning the Settings app to have a simpler look, better organization, and enhanced search within the app. The Control Center may include a new music widget and better control for smart home devices. Also, the Photos app and Mail are expected to have better user interfaces.

These changes aim to make navigation and user interaction smoother and more intuitive. With these updates, users can expect a more streamlined experience that allows quicker adjustments and easier access to frequently used settings. 

The new music widget in the Control Center will likely offer more direct control over music playback, enhancing the user's multimedia experience. 

Additionally, the improved control over smart home devices will make managing home environments more efficient from the iPhone. The UI enhancements in the Photos app and Mail will also facilitate better usability and visual appeal.