iPad Won’t Connect To Wi-Fi? Solutions For iPad Wi-Fi Problems

iPad Won’t Connect To Wi-Fi

Many internet connection issues are simple to fix. Sometimes, just changing rooms can help. Before we go into more complex troubleshooting, make sure you've tried these easy tips.

  • First, ensure that the Wi-Fi network is up and running. Before you spend a lot of time fixing your iPad, check if the problem is actually with the device. Use your laptop, computer, or phone to connect to the internet and check if the router is working. It's best to connect wirelessly to confirm the Wi-Fi is functioning, but if you don't have another wireless device, using your computer is okay.
  • Check the password. If you're trying to join a network and getting rejected, make sure you're typing the correct password. Long passwords can be tricky, so double-check for mistakes like mixing up letters and numbers.
  • Get closer to your router. If you're too far away, your iPad might not connect to Wi-Fi because the signal isn't strong enough.
  • Take off any case or covering from your iPad. If you have a case, remove it while trying these steps. This might not solve the issue, but anything blocking could weaken the signal.

If the previous steps didn't work, try the slightly more complicated ones below.

Restart the iPad's Wi-Fi Connection

Now that you've made sure all the network settings are right, let's fix the Wi-Fi connection. Start by resetting the iPad's Wi-Fi. Usually, just telling the iPad to connect again will fix it.

  • To reset the iPad's Wi-Fi, select the option to deactivate Wi-Fi at the top. Wi-Fi settings will disappear. Then, reactivate it. The iPad will search for the Wi-Fi network and reconnect.
  • Tap “Renew Lease” at the bottom of the screen. You'll get a message asking if you want to renew. Tap “Renew” to confirm.
  • You can access this from the same place where we checked the settings. If you missed the earlier steps, go to your iPad settings and select Wi-Fi from the list on the left.
  • If you're still having trouble, try renewing the lease. Find the network's name and tap the blue button with a > symbol. It will take you to the network settings page.

Erase Network Settings

If you're still having issues, it's time to adjust the settings on the iPad. Make it forget previous internet connections to start anew.

  • To return to the previous screen where we looked at settings and renewed the iPad's network lease, tap the Settings icon. Then, select Wi-Fi from the menu on the left side.
  • You'll see settings for this network on the screen. Tap “Forget this Network” at the top. Confirm your choice. Tap “Forget” to confirm.
  • Once you're on the Wi-Fi Networks screen, tap the blue button next to the network name. This button has a > symbol in the middle.
  • To reconnect, select your network from the list. For private networks, you'll need the password.

Performing a Factory Reset on Your iPad

First, try restarting your iPad. It's a simple step that can fix many issues. Always try this before making any other changes.

  • After sliding the bar, your iPad will show a circle of dashes before turning off completely, leaving you with a blank screen. Wait a moment, then press and hold the Sleep/Wake button to turn the iPad back on.
  • After restarting, you'll see the Apple logo, and the iPad will restart. Wait for the icons to come back. Then, check if the Wi-Fi works.
  • To restart the iPad, press and hold the Sleep/Wake button located on the top of the iPad. Hold it for a few seconds until a bar shows up on the screen. Then, slide it to power off.