HP Engage Go – A New Tablet Solution For Stores

It's not uncommon to see Surface Pro or iPads used in stores as a replacement for the old cash registers, so now HP wants in on retail solutions too with a new tablet of their own with a lot of accessories for retailers.

The new tablet is called HP Engage Go, and it's a 12.3-inch Windows 10 Pro tablet with 1920 x 1280 resolution, powered by choices of Intel Core “Kaby Lake” or Pentium 4410Y processors with 4GB/8GB options of DDR3 RAM and 128/256GB SSD storage. It weighs 1257 gram, so the main specs are not really the selling point.

What makes it useful are things like a durability of the tablet, the retail software, and the complete retail solution with maximum compatibility with the may accessories. With optional 4G LTE, NFC, and FPR, the HP Engage Go is compatible with HP peripherals like fingerprint reader, thermal printer cable lock kit, linear/imaging/2D barcode scanners, wireless barcode scanners, flip top/heavy duty/standard cash drawer, duty till, and many different choices of docking, both mobile and stationary.

Circling the HP logo on the back of the HP Engage Go is a 22-pin pogo connection that can connect to just about anything, ranging from the large dock, which is the HP Engage Go Dock that holds the tablet magnetically, and has a built-in receipt printer that shoots out receipts, to the many other future proof accessories.

The screen of the tablet is covered with extra anti-smudging cover and Gorilla Glass 4 for extra sturdiness, and many of the accessories are easy to use and install, with for instance regular USB connectivity for the barcode scanner.

The price of the HP Engage Go is determined on an individual custom fitted basis through HP.

– Tom Bowen