How to Turn Your Android Phone into a Speaker for Your PC

Does your Windows PC or laptop have low volume or distort at higher volumes? One way to solve this is to use a Bluetooth speaker, but what if that is not accessible? Turns out you can convert your Android smartphone into a speaker output for your PC. Here is the best way to use your Android phone as a speaker for Windows PC.


AudioRelay is a free-to-download application that, along with acting as a speaker for your PC, can also use your Android phone’s microphone for audio input on your PC as well; both of these functions, either wireless or wired, are possible.

Though there are some ads in the free version of the app, they are not distracting or hinder your usage but are present in a minuscule tab at the bottom. Also, a time limit to stream for 1 hour to Android is present, after which the connection disconnects though you can reconnect without any fuss.

We tested the functionality with the free version of the app for both wired and wireless, but there is a paid version available as well if you want to explore that scenario. The paid version has support for multiple device connections for better stereo effects, removes all ads, has no streaming time limit, and edits sound quality and bitrate among others for a monthly subscription of $1, or a one-time purchase option is also available.

We’ve covered steps to set up and use an Android phone as a speaker for a Windows PC but it is also available for Linux and MacOS.

Setting up on Windows PC

  1. Download AudioRelay for Windows PC.

  2. Open the downloaded file, select your preferred language, and click on OK.

  3. Keep the installation location as default or change it as per your need, then hit Next.

  4. Now, keep the Add firewall rules and Virtual Speaker driver option checked since it’s necessary for the application to work. Other options can be changed as per user need, then click on Next and Finish.

  5. Turn on Wifi and Bluetooth on your PC and connect to your Wi-Fi network (for wireless streaming).

  6. Open the AudioRelay application on the PC and with this, we’re done with the Windows setup. Keep the Windows app open, move to your Android, and set up its counterpart. Instructions below.

Connect Using a Wireless Connection

If you don’t have a cable on you or just want to give it a quick try then you can do that with the wireless connection.

Prerequisite: Your PC and Android smartphone need to have Wi-Fi and Bluetooth turned ON and should be connected to the same Wi-Fi network, though the internet is not necessary.

  1. Download and open the AudioRelay app on your Android, then tap on Get Started.

  2. Since you’ve connected to the same Wi-Fi network as your PC, you will see your PC name in the Servers.

  3. Tap on the PC name to connect to it.

  4. Now when you play any media, be it YouTube or Spotify, the sound will be delivered from your Android phone.

Connect Using a Wired Connection

If you’re in someplace where you don’t have Wi-Fi like outside with your friends or just want to preserve the battery of your Android you can connect using a wired connection.

Prerequisite: A USB charging cable to connect with PC, preferably the cable that came with the phone.

  1. Plug in your Android with your Windows PC using the USB charging cable.

  2. On the AudioRelay app on your Android, scroll down to find USB Tethering and tap on Settings.

  3. Enable USB Tethering.

  4. Now when you play a media file on the PC, the phone will deliver sound using a wired connection.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I use multiple phones for a stereo sound effect?
    Yes, multiple phones can be connected for that stereo sound but is limited to the paid version of the application at $1 per month subscription or a one-time purchase.

  2. Can I mute only my PC?
    Yes, the option to only mute the PC is there and accessible once you connect your Android to the PC.

  3. Do I need to purchase a premium for every device I connect?
    No, you just need to buy premium for one device, connect it to the Windows PC as shown and the session will be a multi-device session until the app is closed, even if the premium subscription device is disconnected.

  4. What happens if I receive a call on my Android while audio is being streamed to it?
    The media will keep playing on the PC but the Android will stop streaming and the phone will ring/vibrate normally for calls.

  5. What happens if I receive frequent notifications on my Android while audio is being streamed to it?
    The media will keep playing on the PC but the Android will reduce the volume of audio streamed and the phone will ring/vibrate normally for notifications.

  6. Can I use the headphone jack of my Android for the wired connection?
    No, a wired connection is possible only with the use of a USB cable.

  7. I’m facing problems while connecting to my PC, what to do?
    Not to worry since the app also has a pretty active community forum for discussing any issue you might be facing.

Find Your Groove

With the use of AudioRelay, you can get a pretty decent-sounding setup where your Android phone acts as a speaker for Windows PC even without multiple devices. But for that oomph factor, you always have the option of a paid subscription. Wired or wireless, there are enough options to keep you occupied and give you a good listening experience.

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