How to Transfer Procreate Files to a New iPad

Procreate is one of the most popular drawing and illustration apps for the iPad. As an artist, you likely have years of artwork saved in Procreate that you don’t want to lose.

So when you upgrade to a new iPad, transferring these files seamlessly is crucial.

This guide will walk you through the entire process of securely backing up your Procreate files, setting up the app on your new device, and efficiently transferring your artwork without any disruptions to your creative flow.

Before You Begin: Back Up Your Procreate Files

Since any file transfer process carries a small risk, the very first step is to back up your Procreate files. This guarantees you have a copy if anything goes wrong during the transfer process.

Before You Begin: Back Up Your Procreate Files
Before You Begin: Back Up Your Procreate Files

You have two backup options:

Use iCloud Backup: Turn on iCloud sync within the Procreate app under Settings. This automatically saves your files to iCloud as you work. When you enable a new device, your files transfer to the new iPad through iCloud. iCloud gives you 5GB of storage for free.

Use External Storage: Export individual Procreate files and save them to an external service like Google Drive or Dropbox. While manual, this option gives you more control over backing up important works before a transfer.

No matter which method you choose, complete a Procreate file backup before your new iPad arrives so they’re protected throughout the transition process.

Set Up Your New iPad and Reinstall Procreate

Once your backup is complete, the next step is setting up your new iPad:

Set Up Your New iPad and Reinstall Procreate
Set Up Your New iPad and Reinstall Procreate
  1. Turn on your new iPad and follow the startup screens to configure basic settings. Connect to a WiFi network.
  2. Sign in with your Apple ID so you can redownload apps from the App Store.
  3. Open the App Store, search for Procreate, and install it on your new device. Your prior purchase is linked to your Apple ID so there’s no additional cost.

Once setup is complete, now you’re ready to transfer your files to the new device.

Transfer Procreate Files to Your New iPad

You have two options for transferring your Procreate files securely:

iCloud Sync Transfer

  1. On your new iPad, open Procreate.
  2. In Procreate’s Settings, select the same iCloud account used on your old device.
  3. Procreate will sync all associated artwork through iCloud onto your new iPad.

Manual File Transfer via Computer

  1. Connect your old iPad to your computer using a USB cable. Open iTunes or Finder (depending on the computer OS).
  2. Under File Sharing, select Procreate then save art files to your computer manually.
  3. Connect your new iPad to the same computer. In iTunes or Finder, select Procreate then add saved art files to sync them to the app on your new device.

If correctly backed up beforehand, your Procreate files should now seamlessly reside on your new iPad through your preferred transfer method!

Troubleshooting Tips

Despite a simple process, technical issues occasionally occur. Try these troubleshooting tips if you encounter problems:

  1. Check file formats between your old and new iPad if files won’t properly open after transfer. Install Procreate updates if needed.
  2. Review the storage capacity on both iPads if you receive transfer errors. Your new device needs sufficient storage space for artwork files.
  3. Use a USB cable for the computer file transfer method rather than wireless connectivity for more reliable file transfers.

Keep Creating with Ease!

Upgrading your iPad shouldn’t mean losing the years of hard work stored in Procreate files. With this best practice guide for backing up your artwork, setting up your new device, and efficiently transferring past creations to the new iPad, you can keep the creative juices flowing without disruption!

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