How to Set Startup Apps on Chromebook

Chromebook, Google’s laptop operating system, primarily focuses on web apps and cloud services, which means it lacks certain small operating system features. One such feature is the ability to set startup apps on Chromebook. However, with the availability of Android apps, this limitation can be easily overcome. In this article, we will explain how to set startup apps on Chromebook using an Android app called AutoStart.

Launching Apps on Startup in Chromebook

By default, Chromebook allows you to set up startup web pages, but it does not support launching local apps through this method. To launch local apps on startup, you will need to install the AutoStart app from the Google Play Store. Although the app has an older design and a somewhat unintuitive user interface, it gets the job done.

Once you open the AutoStart app, you will find a button to enable the Auto-Startup option. Tap on this button to turn on the service. Then, you can select the applications that you want to launch at startup. The selected app names will appear on the home screen of the AutoStart app.

Additionally, the AutoStart app offers options like “Start Delay” and “Next app delay.” These parameters determine the interval between app launches after system startup. By default, I recommend leaving these options as they are. However, please note that even if you set the app launch delay to 0, it may still take a couple of minutes for the app to launch after login.

Other Options for Setting Startup Apps

Apart from the AutoStart app, there are other apps like Task Manager and Assistant for Android that allow you to set up startup apps on Chromebook. However, these apps are primarily designed for managing smartphones and may be overkill for this particular scenario.

If you have any other issues or queries regarding Chromebook, feel free to let us know in the comments section below. And if you’re interested in exploring more Android apps for Chromebook, check out our article on the best Android apps for Chromebook in 2020.




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