How to Install RetroArch on iOS: A Step-by-Step Guide

RetroArch allows you to play classic video games on your iPhone or iPad. You can set it up without a computer or jailbreaking your device. Follow these steps:

Step 1: Prepare Your iPhone or iPad

First, check if your iPhone or iPad can support RetroArch:

– It needs to be running iOS 10 or later
– Older models like iPhone 5s or iPad Air can lag when running RetroArch
– Clear storage space for the RetroArch app and game files

Also make sure you have a steady WiFi connection to download RetroArch.

Step 2: Download the RetroArch App File

Go to the RetroArch website on your iPhone or iPad. Tap ‘Download' and choose ‘Stable' from the menu. Then select ‘Apple' > ‘iOS' to find the app file.

Tap the .IPA file link to download it. This IPA file allows installation of RetroArch.

Step 3: Get an App Signing Service

You need an app signing service to install RetroArch, since it is not approved by Apple. A good option is Signulous.

Go to and subscribe to the $20 yearly plan. This lets you sign 2 apps. Follow prompts to create an account and pay.

Step 4: Upload the RetroArch IPA File

Open the Signulous app on your iPhone or iPad. Tap the ‘+' button and upload the RetroArch .IPA file from your downloads folder.

Enter your Apple ID when asked. Wait for Signulous to sign the app.

Step 5: Install the Signed RetroArch App

Once signed, open Signulous and tap the ‘Install' button next to the RetroArch app file. This will now install RetroArch on your home screen.

Tap ‘Trust' on the pop-up to verify the RetroArch app. Then you can open RetroArch!

Step 6: Set Up RetroArch

Inside RetroArch, go to ‘Settings'. Enable ‘Save Configuration on Exit' so your changes get saved.

In ‘Directory Settings', pick folders where your games will go. Like ‘Homebrew' for custom games.

Step 7: Get Your Games

Now you need game ROM files. These are software copies of game cartridges. Search trusted sites for game console ROMs you want.

Transfer the ROMs to the folders you picked in RetroArch using your iPhone or iPad Files app.

Step 8: Play Your Games!

Open RetroArch and pick ‘Load Content'. Browse to the folder with your ROMs and select a game. RetroArch will launch it so you can start playing!

Have fun re-living your favorite retro games on your iPhone or iPad using RetroArch. Start slowly with 1 console like GameBoy. Slowly build your ROM library to have a nice selection of games.