How to Get 0.5 Zoom on iPhone X

The iPhone X features an innovative dual-lens camera system with a wifi-angle and telephoto lens.

Follow this guide to uncover the hidden 0.5x camera on your iPhone X and take your mobile photography to the next level.

Understanding 0.5x Zoom

  1. The 0.5x zoom, also called “ultra-wide angle”, provides a broader perspective than the standard wide-angle lens.
  2. It allows you to fit more of a scene into the frame, ideal for landscapes, architecture shots, and large group photos.
  3. Other high-end iPhone models like the 11 Pro have a dedicated 0.5x lens. The iPhone X lacks this physical lens but can emulate the effect.
  4. 0.5x works by leveraging the zoom capabilities of the existing wiki-angle camera and digital cropping.
  5. While not identical to a true 0.5x lens, it can produce a usable ultra-wide-angle effect.

Accessing Zoom Controls in the Camera App

Accessing Zoom Controls in the Camera App
Accessing Zoom Controls in the Camera App

To enable the 0.5x zoom, first access the zoom controls in the default iPhone camera app:

  1. Open the Camera app from your iPhone’s home screen.
  2. Viewfinder modes like Photo, Video, etc. appear along the bottom bar.
  3. Tap the “1x” button on the lower portion of the screen.
  4. This expands the zoom slider below the viewfinder.

You can now adjust zoom levels to activate the 0.5x effect.

Setting the Zoom to 0.5x

With zoom controls expanded, follow these steps:

  1. Locate the zoom slider below the viewfinder.
  2. Drag the slider to the left until it reaches 0.5x.
  3. The zoom level number will reduce as you drag to the left.
  4. You may need to drag moderately firm – don’t be afraid to exert some force.
  5. When zoomed at 0.5x, the viewfinder will display a wider perspective.

The 0.5x “ultra-wide angle” effect is now enabled!

Getting the Most from 0.5x Zoom

Follow these photography tips to maximize your new 0.5x zoom capabilities:

  1. Move to open outdoor areas to capture landscapes or architecture.
  2. For group photos, fit more people into the shot.
  3. Try placing subjects at the edges of the frame to emphasize the wide view.
  4. Enable grid lines in Camera Settings to properly compose 0.5x shots.
  5. For best quality, hold the iPhone X steady or use a tripod to eliminate blur.
  6. Leverage the improved low light of 0.5x for vivid night and indoor shots.
  7. Avoid using Zoom during videos as motion increases blur.

With practice, you’ll master mobile photography with the iPhone X’s hidden 0.5x zoom!

Troubleshooting Problems with 0.5x Zoom

If enabling the 0.5x zoom results in issues, try these troubleshooting steps:

  1. Force close and reopen the Camera app to refresh controls.
  2. On the zoom slider, ensure you drag fully left to engage 0.5x.
  3. Clean the iPhone X’s wide-angle lens gently using a microfiber cloth.
  4. Check that your fingers aren’t partially covering the wide-angle lens.
  5. Ensure adequate lighting conditions to allow the 0.5x effect to work properly.
  6. Disable and re-enable the digital zoom setting in Camera Settings.
  7. As a last resort, restart your iPhone X to troubleshoot glitches.
Troubleshooting Problems with 0.5x Zoom
Troubleshooting Problems with 0.5x Zoom

With some minor troubleshooting, any issues activating the 0.5x zoom can typically be resolved quickly.

Using Third-Party Camera Apps

While the default iPhone camera enables 0.5x zoom, third-party apps provide additional photography features and controls. Try these top choices:

  1. Halide Camera – Manual controls like ISO, shutter speed, focus peaking, and more. Compatible with 0.5x zoom.
  2. Moment Pro Camera – Offers advanced control over exposure, focus, white balance, and shooting in RAW. Works with 0.5x zoom.
  3. Adobe Lightroom – Robust photo editing and management with easy access to 0.5x shots from the default camera.
  4. Camera+ 2 – Combines shooting modes like macro and night mode with pro editing tools to enhance 0.5x wide angle shots.

Third-party apps complement the manual ultra-wide-angle capabilities of the default camera app.


Unlocking the hidden 0.5x “ultra-wide angle” camera on your iPhone X significantly expands your mobile photography horizons.

With this guide, you’ve mastered accessing the zoom controls, engaging 0.5x perspective, optimizing shot composition, and troubleshooting issues.

Pair your newfound 0.5x skills with pro-focused camera apps and prepare to capture breathtaking wide-angle photos that were previously impossible on the iPhone X.

It’s time to venture forth and explore landscape, architecture, group shots, and other photography realms through the lens of your iPhone X’s covert 0.5x camera.

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