How to Easily Get Imgur Links on Computer and Phone

In today's digital age, sharing photos and videos has become an integral part of our online lives. However, some platforms, like Reddit, don't offer a built-in option for uploading and sharing media. That's where Imgur comes in. Imgur is a popular photo and video hosting service that allows you to easily add images and videos to your posts, forums, or any other platform. In this article, we will guide you through the process of getting Imgur links to any image or video, whether you're using a computer or a phone.

How to Upload and Get a Link to an Image/Video on Imgur

Imgur offers unlimited free image and video uploads. Once you've uploaded your media, you can easily get a link to share it with anyone on any platform.

On Computer:

  1. Open the Imgur website on your preferred browser and click on the “New post” button at the top left corner.
    New post on Imgur

  2. On the pop-up window, click on the “Choose Photo/Video” option and select the files you want to upload. You can select up to 50 files.
    Choosing files to upload on Imgur

  3. Once uploaded, all the selected photos/videos will be added to a gallery/album.

  4. To get the link to a specific image/video, hover over it and click on the “Copy link” option.
    Copying link of Imgur image

  5. You can now share the copied link anywhere. When opened, the link will take users to the Imgur page displaying only the selected image/video.

  6. To get a link to the entire gallery/album, click on the “Grab link” button in the right sidebar. Then click on the “Copy Link” button in the pop-up window.
    Copying link of Imgur album

  7. Share the copied link anywhere you want. Opening this link will display the Imgur page with all the images/videos in the gallery/album.

On Phone:

  1. Open the Imgur app and tap on the “Upload” icon in the bottom bar.

  2. Grant the app permission to access your media if you haven't already. Then select the images/videos you want to upload and tap on the “Next” option at the top right corner.
    Upload images on Imgur mobile

  3. On the next page, tap on the “Post/Upload” button to upload your media.

  4. Once uploaded, tap on the “Profile” icon and select the uploaded post.

  5. To share a single image/video from the uploaded content, tap on it and then tap on the “Share” icon (arrow icon) at the bottom.

  6. Select the “Copy Link” option, available on both iPhone and Android devices.

  7. If you want to share the entire album, tap on the “Share” icon from the album page and then click on the “Copy Link” option. This link will redirect users to the entire album instead of a specific media file.

How to Copy Links to Old Images/Videos or Albums

If you want to copy a link to a media file you uploaded some time ago, the process is slightly different. Make sure you're signed in to your Imgur account for this to work.

On Computer:

  1. Open Imgur on your browser and sign in to the account where you uploaded the media. Click on your username at the top right corner and select the “Posts” option from the drop-down menu.
    Opening posts on Imgur

  2. Open the gallery or album where you uploaded the files.

  3. Hover over the photo/video in the gallery and click on the “Copy link” option to copy its link.

  4. To copy the entire album link, click on the “Grab Link” button in the sidebar and then click on the “Copy Link” button in the pop-up window.
    Getting album link of uploaded Imgur gallery

On Phone:

  1. Open the Imgur app and tap on the “Profile” icon (person icon) in the bottom bar.

  2. Here, you'll find all your uploaded albums. If your album isn't visible, tap on the “Public” or “Hidden” option at the top and then select “All”.

  3. Open the album and tap on the photo/video you want to copy the link for.

  4. Tap on the “Share” icon (arrow icon) at the bottom and then tap on the “Copy Link” option to copy the link to that specific photo/video.

  5. To share the link to the entire album, tap on the “Share” icon at the bottom of the album page and select the “Copy Link” option. Paste the link wherever you want to share the image/video.

How to Get a Direct Link to Any Image/Video on Imgur

By default, when you copy a link using the methods above, you're copying the link to an Imgur page that hosts only the selected image/video. However, if you prefer to copy the direct link to the image or video itself (not the webpage), there are a few workarounds.

Simply open the image/video you want to get the link for, right-click on it, and select the “Copy image address” or “Copy video address” option. This will copy the direct link to the image or video.


  1. What are the limitations of uploading images and videos on Imgur?

    • You can upload up to 50 images/videos per hour.
    • Each image file should be less than 20MB, and each video or GIF file should be less than 200MB.
    • Videos and GIFs should be less than 60 seconds.
  2. What file types are supported by Imgur?

    • Imgur supports the following image and video file types:
      • JPEG
      • PNG
      • GIF
      • APNG
      • TIFF
      • MP4
      • MPEG
      • AVI
      • WEBM
      • quicktime
      • x-matroska
      • x-flv
      • x-msvideo
      • x-ms-wmv
  3. How many images/videos can we upload in a single album?

    • There is no limitation on the number of files you can upload to a single album. However, due to the hourly upload limit of 50 files, you may need to upload more files to the album at a later time.
  4. What are the advantages and disadvantages of logging into Imgur?

    • When logged in, you can view all the images and videos you've uploaded, and you can update the album to add more images.
    • When you upload media without logging in, you can upload anonymously. However, you won't be able to access the album directly to upload more files.
  5. How long will images/videos be hosted on Imgur?

    • Images and videos uploaded to Imgur will remain hosted indefinitely unless the person who uploaded them chooses to delete them.

Imgur to the Rescue

Imgur is a fantastic image hosting site that comes to the rescue when other platforms don't offer direct image uploading. With unlimited free hosting and unintrusive ads, Imgur is a go-to choice for many users. So the next time you need to share images or videos, consider using Imgur and easily grab the links to share them with your friends and followers.