How to Disable “Show Simplified View” Pop-Up on Chrome for Android

Chrome on Android has a feature called “Simplified View” that pops up every time you visit a webpage that supports it. While it can be helpful in stripping away annoying formatting and ads, it can also be a distraction that needs to be closed every time. Luckily, there's a hidden setting in Chrome flags that allows you to disable it. Even better, you can set it to show only when the page is not mobile-friendly, so you can take advantage of the feature without being constantly interrupted.

Disable “Show Simplified View” Pop-Up on Chrome

To disable the “Show Simplified View” pop-up, we'll make use of Chrome Flags. Chrome Flags are experimental features by Chrome that are still in the development phase and haven't been rolled out in a stable version. They can enhance your browser experience by leaps and bounds.

You can access the flags feature by typing the following URL in your Chrome browser address box:


You'll see a long list of options, each with a drop-down menu that can be set to Default, Enabled, or Disabled. To find the specific flag we need, use the Search flags box just below the address bar.

Search for the option called “Reader Mode triggering” in the search bar. Alternatively, you can use this direct link to access the flag:


In the flag settings, you'll find the option set to “Default” mode. Tapping on it will bring up a pop-up with multiple options.

To completely disable the “Show Simplified View” feature, change the option from Default to “Never”. This will stop the feature from showing up completely.

If you want to use the feature on webpages that are not optimized for mobiles, you can set it to “Non-mobile-friendly articles”. This way, the pop-up will only appear when necessary. Chrome does a good job of identifying web pages that are not mobile-friendly, giving you a handy feature.

After selecting a flag option, you'll be prompted to relaunch your browser to activate it. This will close Chrome and reopen it with the changes applied.

Now, you won't be bothered by the “Show Simplified View” pop-up on every webpage.

Wrapping up

While there are a few other options like “All articles” and “With article structured markup”, they are mostly pointless as they simply trigger the pop-up on every webpage that is an article or has article schema markup, which is already covered by the default mode. So, try out this trick and let us know how it worked for you in the comments below.