How To Add Backwards 3 On Your iPad?

How To Add Backwards 3 On Your iPad

You might have seen the epsilon symbol and wondered why it looks like a backward 3. This symbol is common in math and physics, but now it's used for other things too. This article, explores the epsilon symbol, typing it on several devices, where else it's used, and its origins. It's going to be interesting!

Historically, “Ɛ” is a Greek letter that stands for different things, like the empty set theory or small quantities. Nowadays, folks use the Backwards 3 to text “Ɛ>” which symbolizes love. 

Deciphering the Backwards 3: What Does ‘Ɛ' Stand For?

Personally, the name “backwards 3” is easy to remember, say and use. Let's explore its purpose, where it's used, and why it's so wonderful. Get ready to explore this beautiful symbol with me!

Simply copy and paste the Backward 3 “Ɛ”

We can type this symbol in many ways but copy-pasting is easiest method. We'll discuss each method. Share it with your friends. They'll wonder how you did it! 🤭

  • After you copy the backward 3, press the clipboard button.

  • Look for the copied texts with the backward 3.
  • Hold down the epsilon symbol for 3 seconds.
  • Select “Pin”.

Now the symbol is saved on your clipboard. You can paste it anytime and it stays pinned. You can also save this page to quickly access the symbol later.

Typing “Ɛ” Like a Boss: Unlocking the Reverse 3 Technique

Before, I told you how to make a heart emoji in various ways. Now, I'll share a different method via the character map.

  • Click on the Windows button and search for the character map .

  • Select “Advanced view.”

  • Choose “Unicode” under “Character set.”
  • Pick “Windows: Greek.”


  • Click the reversed 3 symbol, then choose it.

  • Press the “copy” button.

Alt Code Mastery: Crafting the ‘Ɛ' in Reverse

To make the backward 3 symbols on your computer:

  • Open Microsoft Excel or MS Word.
  • Write “0190”.
  • Press “ALT + X”.

Convenient Ways to Type the Backward ‘Ɛ' Symbol in Your Word Processor

Here's a different way to put an epsilon in MS Word.

  • Start Microsoft Word.
  • Find “Insert” and click on it.

  • Then press “Symbols.”
  • Pick “More symbols.”

  • Find “Cyrillic Supplement.”

  • Click the Backward 3 symbol and then “Insert.”

The Ultimate Guide to Reverse ‘ɛ' Typing on Android and iPhone

Unfortunately, Android and iPhone users can't type the Backward ‘Ɛ' symbol. But there's a simple solution which is the easiest way i.e. Copy the symbol from here and save it as described earlier

The Ultimate Guide to Reverse ‘ɛ' Typing on Windows and Mac

To type the backward 3 symbols, you can use Character Map or Alt Code in Word. Here’s how:

  • Open Google Docs in Chrome.
  • Click “Insert” then “Special Character”.

  • Search for “Epsilon”

  • Choose the “backward 3” symbol from the options.

In earlier times, this symbol was commonly used in math, physics, computers, and engineering fields. Now, I'll explain why the epsilon aka “backward 3” is important in these areas.

  • In Math, the Epsilon symbol represents a minuscule positive amount or an empty set in math. It's known as the “E math.”
  • In Physics, it indicates permittivity, which shows how a substance reacts in an electric field.
  • In Computer Science, it stands for an empty string without characters.
  • In Engineering, it denotes a small positive number managed by a computer's floating-point system in numerical analysis.
  • These days, the Epsilon symbol is used creatively to form a heart “Ɛ>” and convey love in a different way. Mainly, it's Generation X expressing affection.

Is there a connection between a backward 3 ‘Ɛ' and ‘E'?

Yes, the backward 3 is quite like the letter E, about 85%-90%. When you straighten out a flipped 3, it resembles an E. Some think ‘Ɛ'  is an upside-down lowercase E, but it's actually a Greek letter created by flipping 3.

Language that Features the ‘Backward 3'

The backward 3 was first seen in Ancient Greek writing and it looks like “Ɛ.” Nowadays, it's written as “Ɛ>”. This version originated from the old writing style used in the Middle Ages but nowadays, it's used to symbolize love “Ɛ>”.

The symbol ‘epsilon' isn't only for math or science—it's also like a heart for love. Many people, especially young ones, love the ‘Ɛ>' symbol. You can write it on different devices using various methods, and we've explained all those ways for you. Whether you want to copy and paste it or try other options, it's easy to do.

Next time you want to make your messages special, surprise your friends, or show love in a new way, think of the Epsilon symbol. It's not just a symbol; it's a helpful character that connects science and emotions. Copy it, share it, and spread the love!