Hopday 6-In-1 USB Hub For iMac

Hopday USB hub for iMac hanging from the underside of the Mac coming for $49: https://www.amazon.com/Adapter-HOPDAY-Accessories-Readers-MacBook/

Apple’s iMac is great looking and generally easy to use, but unlike a laptop that has ports and plugs on the side for easy access, the iMac only has a set of Thunderbolt and USB C ports on the back in addition to an audio jack on the side.

This will sometimes make it difficult or inconvenient to plug something into or out of the iMac, all depending on just exactly where and how the iMac is positioned.

Hopday 6-In-1 USB Hub For iMac Launch With 1x USB C Port, 2x USB A 3.2 Full-Size Ports, HDMI Port, SD + microSD Card Readers.

So now a a new USB hub for the iMac that can be hung from the underside of the frame is launching, which itself plugs into one of the rear ports.

The Hopday 6-in-1 Hub for iMac features 1x USB C prts so you don’t lose one, 2x full-size USB 3.1 ports for your older USB peripherals, separate SD and microSD card readers, and on the back of it, a full-size HDMI port too, which the iMac doesn’t have.

– Tom Bowen

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