Honor Pad X8 And Honor Pad X8 Lite Tablets Officially Bluetooth Approved

Honor is currently in the process of launching the 12-inh Honor Pad 8 these days.

But I also discovered that Honor has certified a couple of more tablets for launch in the future, as they showed up with the Bluetooth certification body.

With the model names Honor Pad X8 and Honor Pad X8 Lite, both of these tablets seemed like brand new tables at first.

Honor Pad X8 Lite
Honor Pad X8 Lite

But upon closer inspection, the model numbers tied to these tablets all tie them back to already existing tablets.

The Honor Pad X8 is tied to a rebranded 10.1-inch Honor Pad 7 with 3GB/4GB of RAM, and an optional 4G model.

Honor Pad X8 Lite meanwhile is identified as a rebranding of the 9.7-inch Honor Pad Z3.

– Tom Bowen