Home Button To Be Removed From Future 2017 iPads Says Latest Industry Sources, Starting With Apple iPad Pro 10.9

The round physical home button as we know it on iPads may soon become history altogether, even though the iPad home button have been seeing some evolutionary changes from time to time as well.

This latest iPad claim comes from Mac Otakara via MacRumors, who have been right in 2/3's of iPad leaks before. The belief is that the 10.9-inch iPad will be the first iPad to not feature a home button as we are used to, partially because of the narrow to non-existing bezels that is expected to fill the front of this new iPad, and probably partially because of new developments with the iPad and related tablet technology, software, and services, all developed together in such a way that the home button may be replaced by something better.

The jury is still out on whether the first 10-inch iPad for 2017 will have a 10.9-inch display or 10.5-inch display, but among the three main leakers who all have footings in industry sources and supply chain sources, the consensus now starts to lean towards a 10.9-inch iPad Pro. The other new rumored/leaked belief is that the Apple iPad Pro 10.9 will be 7.5 mm thick, the same as a few various iPads over the years, as well as tablets like Samsung Galaxy Tab A 9.7 With S Pen.

Now if Samsung can create a tablet with integrated digitizer while keeping the tablet 7.5 mm thick, why shouldn't Apple? Especially on a Pro tablet. Unfortunately, an iPad with integrated stylus is not among the rumors yet. And while Apple engineers read Tabletmonkeys (of course) I suppose it's too late to add this wish to the wishlist of features on the next iPad, given that the supply chain sources in Taiwan claims that the newest addition to the iPad family will enter into production in December.

Bye, bye, old iPad
Bye, bye, old iPad

– Tom Bowen