Google Rolls Out ChromeOS 120 Update to Improve Chromebook Experience

Google has started rolling out ChromeOS 120 to Chromebooks in the stable channel. The update brings several new features and tweaks to improve the overall Chromebook experience.

Key Highlights of ChromeOS 120:

Virtual Desk Button on Shelf: A new Virtual Desk button now appears on the ChromeOS shelf, to the left of pinned apps. This allows quick access to desk management features like switching between desks, creating new desks, etc. Users can also disable the desk name appearing on the shelf.

Nearby Share Self Sharing: Nearby Share now supports “Self Share” between a user’s own devices, like Android phones and Chromebooks logged into the same Google account. Transfers will automatically be accepted even if the receiving device’s screen is off.

Separate Mouse Settings: Mouse and touchpad settings have been split into two sections under Settings. Users can now customize mouse scroll speed, toggle scroll acceleration, and set a keyboard shortcut for right-click separately.

Customizable Keyboard Shortcuts: A new page allows customizing shortcuts for actions like delete, page up/down, home, end, etc. F11 and F12 can also be enabled and mapped to key combinations.

Resizable Picture-in-Picture: PIP windows can now be resized by pinch-to-zoom gestures on touchscreens instead of dragging the corner.

App Details: The app info page now shows the type of app – Android, Chrome, or web. It also displays info like storage used, install source, and version number.

Rollout Timeline: The ChromeOS 120 update is rolling out gradually over the coming days. Not all devices will get it immediately.

The changes reflect Google’s increased focus on making ChromeOS more versatile and desktop-class.

The improved productivity features like virtual desks and keyboard customization cater to power users. The update also makes device integration smoother through Nearby Share’s new self sharing capability.

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– Jim Miller

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