Google Nexus 8 Rumored For The First Time In 2015

A Google Nexus 8 tablet has purportedly been benchmarked on Primatelabs Geekbench 3 comparison charts.

This is the first time in 2015 that a new 8-inch Google Nexus tablet have been speculated around publicly. So treat everything with a healthy dose of skepticism until any new information might leak.

But if we look at the purported specs anyway, it's listed as a Nexus 8 with (only) Android 5.1.1, a Colorfly motherboard, and a 1.3 GHz ARM octa-core processor.

The next Android 6.0 Marshmallow is probably just a month or two away, so the device should have been tested with Android 6 instead, in the same way that the Nexus 9 was leaked with Android L prior to the launch of both the tablet and the new Android (L) 5.0 then.

Nexus 8
A supposed Nexus 8

But we'll see what this device from Google really is soon enough.

– Jim Miller