Google Launches Android 5.1 Rollout

Google started rolling out Android 5.1 yesterday evening, with an attempted fix and patch up of the fails of Android 5.0, together with the addition of some new features.

If the tablet or smartphone is eligible, Android 5.1 have the potential to add features like:
– Multiple-SIM profiles, which can be useful on dual-SIM mobile devices.
– Device Protection, where lost/stolen tablets or phones will remain locked until the owner signs in with the Google account. Even a factory reset by a thief won’t unlock it. Unfortunately, this feature won’t become available on all Android tablets or phones.
– The trendy HD voice calling feature we have seen on other phones will also become available on select Android phones.

Other features are new shortcuts to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth controls.

Google Android 5.1

Google Android 5.1

– Tom Bowen

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