Gearbest 4th Anniversary First Round Sales In Tablets, Computers, And Gadgets Until March 26

The large international electronics store Gearbest is celebrating it’s 4th anniversary for 2 weeks with some sales I’m following on tablets, 2-in-1’s, computers, and related electronics. The first sales round lasts until March 26:

2-in-1 tablets on sale are Alldocube KNote 8, Chuwi Hi10 Pro, Chuwi Hi13, Chuwi SurBook, Chuwi SurBook Mini, Asus Transformer Pro 3, and Jumper EZpad6 Plus.

Tablet deals at the end of March includes Asus ZenPad 3S 10, Onda 10 Pro, Lenovo Tab 3 8 Plus, and Alldocube iPlay 10.

While there’s a large selection of notebooks and laptops on sale with Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro, Xiaomi Notebook Air, MSI GL62M, Asus X441NA3350, Asus ZX53VD770, Acer VX5, as well as cheaper models from Chuwi, Voyo, Teclast, and Jumper all offering Windows 10 laptops on sale until Monday.

There are also sales on all other kinds of electronics and sometimes other items as well, including Android phones.

– Jim Miller