Forgot or Lost FireStick Remote? Here Are Your Options

Losing your TV remote is a frustrating experience, especially when it’s the remote for your Fire TV Stick. But don’t worry, there are still ways to use your Fire TV Stick even without the physical remote. In this article, we’ll explore different options to help you navigate and control your FireStick without the remote.

1. Use Your Smartphone as a Remote

If you’ve lost your FireStick remote within your house, you can use your smartphone as a fully functional remote. Simply download the Fire TV app from the Play Store or the App Store, and launch it. As long as your phone is connected to the same network as your FireStick, it should automatically detect and connect to the device. The app allows you to navigate the interface using swipe gestures and tap to select options.

firestick discovered in the app

2. Create a Wi-Fi Hotspot

If you’ve lost your remote outside of your home, you can still connect to your FireStick by creating a Wi-Fi hotspot with the same credentials as your home network. You’ll need two smartphones for this method. Install the Fire TV app on one phone and log in with your Amazon credentials. Then, use the second phone to create a hotspot with the same name and password as your home Wi-Fi. Connect your FireStick to the TV and power it on. It should automatically connect to the Wi-Fi hotspot. You can then use the Fire TV app on the first phone to control your FireStick.

create a hotspot with same name as home wifi

3. Use a Previous-Gen FireStick Remote

If you have an older Fire TV Stick remote lying around, you can use it as a replacement for your lost remote. The previous-gen remote is backward compatible with the newer FireStick models. Simply press and hold the Home, back, and left arrow key buttons on the remote for ten seconds, and then restart your FireStick. The remote will automatically pair with the device after the restart.

new and old firesticks side by side

4. Use Your TV’s Remote

Most Smart TVs come with HDMI-CEC (Consumer Electronics Control) functionality, which allows you to control connected devices using the TV’s remote. Check your TV’s settings for the HDMI-CEC option and turn it on. You can then use the arrow keys on your TV’s remote to navigate the FireStick interface. Keep in mind that the experience may vary depending on the TV manufacturer.

5. Connect a Keyboard or Mouse

If you want to browse the internet or use sideloaded FireStick apps, such as a web browser, you can connect a keyboard or a mouse using a micro USB splitter. This will give you full functionality and control over your FireStick.

These are some of the options you can try when you lose your Fire TV Stick remote. The official app is a convenient solution for controlling the FireStick within your home. If you’re away from home, you can use the hotspot method to connect to your FireStick. And if all else fails, you can always buy a replacement remote from Amazon.

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