Foldable Tablet Prototype Lenovo Folio Showcased

At yesterday’s Tech World 2016 show, Lenovo showcased their first foldable tablet prototype, called Lenovo Folio. And while this is currently just a prototype, the Lenovo Folio is nevertheless a fully functional foldable tablet, and not just that but it looks great too.

And it shows us a design that has found what may be the smartest way to either manufacture a foldable tablet, or to make it attractive, which is to fold the tablet on the horizontal length and outward, with the screen being available on both sides, even though it’s only activate on the front when folded into a phone.

Three other mobile manufacturers are known to work on foldable tablets and phones too, these being Samsung, Oppo, and a relatively unknown but interesting Chinese company. Samsung is currently expected to unveil their first two foldable tablets and phones in February 2017.

Lenovo Folio - Foldable Tablet

Lenovo Folio – Foldable Tablet Prototype

And the tablet manufacturers are all experimenting with various designs. A smart combo for a smartphone + foldable tablet is obviously to fold it so that it will always be available to use as a phone. But vertical folds, and inward folds are also experimented with by tablet manufacturers.

Lenovo also showcased the Lenovo CPlus bracelet phone prototype that is also using flexible technology, seen in the video below.

Foldable Tablet Lenovo Folio Folded Into Phone

Foldable Tablet Lenovo Folio Folded Into Phone

Foldable Tablet Lenovo Folio Folded Out

Foldable Tablet Lenovo Folio Folded Out

– Tom Bowen

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