End-Of-June To July 2nd Tablet Sales On Android And Windows Tablets And 2-In-1

During the second week of the end of June to July 2nd tablet sales on Gearbest, the tablet deals are mixed this week, with sales ranging fro 8-inch Android tablets and 10.1-inch Android 8.0 tablet with 4G for $199, to Windows 10 tablets and 2-in-1 tablets with processors ranging from Intel Atom, to Intel Celeron, Intel Pentium, Intel Celeron, and Intel Core: gearbest.com/promotion-intel-special-627

All of the tablets below are on sale over the weekend until July 2nd or until they run out of inventory.

Android Tablets
– Chuwi Hi9 Air
– Chuwi Hi9
– Teclast T10
– Teclast P10
– Teclast 98 4G
– Teclast T8
– Teclast P80 Pro
– Alldocube X9
– Alldocube X1

Windows 10 Tablets and 2-in-1’s
– 13.3″ Chuwi CoreBook
– Alldocube Mix Plus
– Allducube KNote 5
– Chuwi Hi10 Plus
– Chuwi Hi12
– Chuwi Hi13
– Teclast TBook 12

End of June Tablet Sales

– Jim Miller

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