Dual Screen Foldable Smartphone ZTE Axon M Unveiled

We got a step closer to the launch of a foldable tablet today, as ZTE unveiled the dual screen foldable smartphone ZTE Axon M at Madison Square Garden in New York today. It will be available through AT&T.

The screen is 6.75 inches wide in fold out mode, and 5.2 inches for each separate display. The specs are decent too, but first of all, what makes the ZTE Axon M useful and interesting is how the screens have been set up for use.

A/B – The dual mode is called A/B, where both screens are used separately at the same time, so you can watch videos on one screen, and message on the other.

/-\ – This is the extended mode which is the so called tablet experience, where both screens are joined to form a larger screen. But because of the screen ratio, this doesn’t really do much for things like videos, and is better suited for other tasks which require a larger phone screen.

A/A – Known as the mirror mode, this is interesting, because it enables a user to fold the ZTE Zxon M in tent mode, and then for instance show someone on the other side the same content you are viewing on the other side one the display on your side.

A – A mode is the regular smartphone mode, where the second screen is folded back, and only the main smartphone screen is on.

So the features are what really makes this foldable phone exciting and attractive. The specs are good too though, with a 1920 x 1080 resolution on the 5.2-inch displays, running Android 7.1.2, while it’s powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 processor, with 4GB of RAM, and 64GB storage.

The 20MP camera can record 4K, and it has a USB C port, while the battery size is 3180 mAh with Quick charge 3.0. It’s made of aluminum with a weight of 230 grams.

The ZTE Axon M price is high though, at $730, which alternatively gets you a great Android phone plus a 8-inch Android tablet for the same price. So the price will slow down sales bit, but AT&T will launch it in the US soon.

The bezels are too thick to call it a foldable tablet, and the screen is too small to call it a tablet as well. But it doesn’t weigh too much for having this much screen, so for those who can afford it, it should be satisfying to own as a 4-in-1 phone.

– Tom Bowen