Digital Paper Tablet Lenovo Yoga Paper Photo Leaked

Digital Paper tablets have become hot items over the last two years. This became particularly evident when Amazon said they would launch their own first Digital Paper tablet with the Kindle Scribe, which is launching on November 30.

But someone familiar with Lenovo in China have leaked these three images of an unannounced Digital Paper tablet from Lenovo too, which goes by the name of Lenovo Yoga Paper.

Just like Amazon's Kindle Scribe, the Lenovo Yoga Paper too looks like it's in the 10-inch to 11-inch range.

Lenovo have had a a few e-ink devices on the market already, with the latest one being the dual-screen ThinkBook Plus Gen 2 which has a secondary 12-inch E-Ink display and digitizer pen.

(UPDATE: In November Lenovo released a teaser of the the Yoga Paper in the first image below, showing that it's a 10.3-inch tablet which will be unveiled in November 2022.)

– Tom Bowen