Computer Peripherals Leaks Suggest More New Chromebook Tablets In 2018

Google haven't launched a new tablet since their 2-in-1 Android tablet Pixelbook C back in September 2015, but based on some probable third party leaks from peripheral computer manufacturers, there's evidence to suggest that new Google tablets and 2-in-1 tablets may show up at their October 9 event alongside their new Pixel 3 phone, smart devices, new software and services.

From before there's been reason to believe that the devices codenamed Atlas and Nocturne would show up at this side of 2018, but a couple of days ago a new mapping filed on the Chromium Gerrit code site identified a few additional codenames for potential Chrome tablets, as was later reported by 9To5Google.

In essence the code map specifies adding support for “Hamburger” and “Assistant” keys on Hammer, Wand, and Whiskers, and BRYDGE keyboards.

Brydge Keyboards

As Brydge is a computer peripherals manufacturer with a focus on optional keyboard for tablets like the iPads and Surface Pro, it could be a simple matter of putting two and two together, in this case, the upcoming new Brydge keyboards together with updated support for such keyboards in Chrome.

At the moment, the only Chrome tablets on the market are the HP Chromebook x2 2-in-1 and the Acer Chromebook Tab 10.

– Jim Miller