Best Online Video Compressor without Watermark

While Handbrake is an excellent video compression tool, there are times when you need a quick and easy online solution without the hassle of downloading software. However, many online video compressors either charge a fee or leave a watermark on your videos. In this article, we will explore some of the best online video compressors that are completely free and do not add watermarks to your videos.

WhatsApp: The Simplest Solution

If you're looking for a fast and hassle-free way to compress videos, you can use WhatsApp. By creating a group with yourself as the only participant, you can send videos to yourself and take advantage of WhatsApp's built-in compression. It's worth noting that WhatsApp has limitations – the maximum video duration is 3 minutes, and the file size cannot exceed 100 MB. However, if your videos fit within these parameters, WhatsApp can provide significant compression without adding any watermarks.

EZGif: More Control and Customization

For videos that exceed WhatsApp's limitations, EZGif is a fantastic option. Although it's primarily known for its GIF-making capabilities, EZGif also offers a video resize feature that allows you to compress videos online. Simply adjust the resize dimension to match your source video, select “H.264/aac” as the output format and encoding, and EZGif will compress your video to approximately half its original size. Additionally, EZGif provides an online editor that enables you to crop, trim, resize, and even speed up your videos. The only drawback is that the maximum video upload size is limited to 100 MB.

YouCompress: Better Compression at the Cost of Quality

If you prioritize compression over video quality, YouCompress is worth considering. With this online tool, you can upload your video file, and YouCompress will automatically compress it for you. While it lacks customization options, YouCompress offers a one-click solution for video compression. However, it's worth noting that YouCompress may not work with certain file formats like M4V.

Media.IO: Ideal for Large File Sizes

If you frequently work with large video files, Media.IO is a great choice. Unlike other video compressors, Media.IO has no file size limit and provides three compression options. The first option allows you to choose the export resolution, while the second option displays the export file size and compression percentage upfront. This feature is particularly useful as it allows you to see the output file size before compressing. However, customization options are limited with Media.IO.

FreeConvert: Versatile Compression Options

FreeConvert is a free conversion tool that offers a wide range of media file conversions, including video compression. Unlike other compressors, FreeConvert allows you to choose the video output format and the type of compression you prefer. You can opt for compression by video size, video quality, or bitrate. Furthermore, FreeConvert provides a slider that allows you to further reduce the file size by aggressively compressing it.

AConvert: Convenient File Conversion and Compression

Although AConvert is primarily a video converter, it can also be used for video compression. This tool is particularly useful if you have limited internet connectivity. AConvert can directly fetch files from Google Drive or Dropbox, convert them to smaller file sizes, and allow you to download them. This method reduces data usage and provides faster download speeds. Additionally, AConvert offers a wide range of export options and compression settings.

Compression Results

To provide a better understanding of the compression capabilities of these web apps, we compared them using a single video file. The compression options were kept default to avoid any discrepancies. Here are the results:

  • WhatsApp: Original File Size – 98.2 MB, Compressed File Size – 17 MB
  • EZGif: Original File Size – 98.2 MB, Compressed File Size – 32.3 MB
  • YouCompress: Original File Size – 90.65 MB, Compressed File Size – 20.34 MB
  • FreeConvert: Original File Size – 98.2 MB, Compressed File Size – 56.12 MB
  • Media.IO: Original File Size – 98.2 MB, Compressed File Size – 28.11 MB
  • AConvert: Original File Size – 98.2 MB, Compressed File Size – 60.2 MB


Depending on your specific needs, there are several online video compressors available that can help you reduce file sizes without adding watermarks. Media.IO and EZGif are great options for general video compression, while WhatsApp and YouCompress are suitable for smaller files. FreeConvert and AConvert offer more customization options and are ideal for users who require specific compression settings. Ultimately, the choice of the best online video compressor without a watermark depends on your individual requirements. Experiment with different tools and find the one that suits your needs best.