Best Free Government Phone Program Of 2024

Best Free Government Phone Program

People with low income in the US or those who are struggling to make ends meet for their families can enjoy a free phone with data internet access and other services through different government programs.

Several service providers across the US participate in the government assistance to offer free phones and other services.

In this article, we will go through the details of all the programs, eligibility criteria, and the way to pick the best phone. So, without any further ado, let us dive into the details.

What Are The Best Free Government Phone Programs? 

There are several government assistance programs like ACP, Lifeline, Tribal Lifeline, and state-specific programs where you can get free or discounted phones with fast internet speed and other services. The best choice will depend on your state and the program for which you have qualified.

Best Free Government Phone Programs 

Here are the details of different government assistance programs through which you can apply for a free phone.

  • Lifeline Assistance Program

The Lifeline assistance program is a federal assistance program under which the qualifying household gets a monthly discount on mobile services and landline services. There are several service providers that are participating in the program to offer devices and mobile services to people to bridge the digital divide in the US.

  • Affordable Connectivity Program (Acp) 

Replacing the Emergency Broadband Benefit, the ACP aims to offer discounted broadband and mobile services to low-income households or other families that are participating in certain government assistance programs. Moreover, if you have qualified for the Lifeline benefit, then you will automatically qualify for the ACP benefits. 

  • Tribal Lifeline Assistance Program

The Tribal Lifeline Assistance Program is a federal initiative designed to provide discounted telephone and broadband services to eligible low-income residents of Tribal lands. The program aims at providing crucial communication services to Native American communities.

By reducing the financial barriers to connectivity, the program helps empower Tribal members, fostering economic development and enhancing their overall quality of life.

  • State-Specific Programs

There are certain state-specific programs that are different from the federal assistance programs under which you can enjoy free or discounted phone services if you meet all the eligibility criteria.

How To Qualify For A Free Government Phone? 

You have to meet the eligibility criteria of one of the above programs and then pick a provider to apply for the government phone. Let us go through the eligibility criteria of different programs

  • Lifeline Eligibility Criteria

You can qualify for the Lifeline program if your household income is less than or equal to 135% of the Federal Poverty Standard. The income level will depend on the state and total number of members in your household. You can check the correct income slab here according to your state and number of household members.

Moreover, if any member in your household is participating in SNAP, Medicaid, SSI, TANF, Bureau of Indian Affairs General Assistance, or some other government assistance programs. Always remember, the Lifeline program has the rule of one benefit per household rule.

  • ACP Eligibility Criteria

The gross income of your household should be less than 200% of the Federal Poverty Standard. The income slab will vary according to the total number of members in your household and your current state.

Moreover, if you are participating in any government assistance program like Medicaid, SSI, etc., then you are eligible for ACP benefits. Besides this, if you are qualified for the Lifeline program, then you can automatically avail the benefits of ACP.

  • Tribal Lifeline Eligibility Criteria

You have to be a member of a Tribe that is recognized by the federal government and the gross household income must be less than or equal to 150% of the Federal Poverty standard to qualify for this program.

How To Pick The Best Free Phone From A Government Program?

Once you have fulfilled the eligibility criteria of one of the above programs, then you have to complete the application process and provide all the necessary documents. After this, you have to wait for approval. Once you are approved, you will get your free government phone.

Remember, with the government programs, you will receive a basic smartphone with standard features. If you wish to upgrade the device, then you have to switch to a participating provider and meet their eligibility criteria. There are several service providers participating in the programs.

You can check them according to your state and fulfill the eligibility criteria to get a good smartphone. There is a list of devices offered by these providers where you have the option to choose the preferred device and an internet plan.


  • How Do I Apply For A Free Government Phone?

You can apply to government assistance programs through online mode or walk into the physical offices to complete the application process to get a free government phone. Make sure you carry all the required documents to verify your eligibility for the program.

  • Can I Receive An Iphone Through Any Government Phone Program?

No, you will not receive an iPhone directly through a government phone program. You can switch to a participating service provider in the program and fulfill the eligibility criteria to get an iPhone and service plan from that provider.

  • How Many Free Phones Can A Person Get?

A person can get one free phone per household through the above-mentioned government assistance programs after qualifying for them

  • Which Carriers Give Free Phones To Senior Citizens?

You can opt for the Lifeline program under which there are several carriers like StandUp Wireless, Assurance Wireless, Safety Net Wireless, TruConnect, SafeLink, etc., that offer free phones to seniors above the age of 65.