Battery Draining Fast On iOS: How To Fix Battery Drain in iOS 17.5?

Battery Draining Fast iOS

After updating to iOS 17.5, my phone's battery started dying quickly. It would go from fully charged to empty in just 6-7 hours. I had the same problem. I discovered some fixes that worked well.

What to Do If Your Battery Drains Fast After the iOS 17.5 Update?

Battery problems are common after updates. You can wait and see if the battery gets better on its own. You can also change some settings in this guide.

  • Make your iPhone restart.

Make your iPhone restart

If your battery dies quickly after updating to iOS 17.5, make your iPhone restart. This can fix temporary issues that cause the battery to drain too fast.

To make your iPhone restart, follow these steps:

  1. Tap the “Volume Up” button and release it right away.
  2. Tap the “Volume Down” button and release it right away.
  3. Push the side button and don't let go. Keep pressing until your iPhone powers down and the Apple logo comes on the screen.

Your iPhone will restart now. Do this once a week to get rid of any problems.

  • Turn off Bluetooth 

Turn off Bluetooth

Many iPhone users say turning off Bluetooth helps a lot. Here's what to do:

  1. Go to the “Settings” app on your iPhone.
  2. Click on “Bluetooth”.
  3. Turn the “Bluetooth” switch off.
  • Make sure all your apps are up to date

Make sure all your apps are up to date

Another step is to check that all your apps have the latest updates. Old versions of apps might not work well with the newest iOS. This can cause problems and use more battery.

  1. Open the App Store. Click on your initials in the top right. 
  2. Press “Update All”.

Updating all the apps could take a while. It depends on how many need to be updated. Once it's done, restart your iPhone.

  • Turn off Alerts and Shortcuts Automation

Turn off Alerts and Shortcuts Automation

Alerts and Shortcuts Automation uses your iPhone's location. It reminds you to call people when you are in certain places. GPS is a big reason why batteries die quickly.

If you don't need this setting, just turn it off. This will help your battery last longer.

  1. Go to Settings and click on “Privacy & Security”.
  2. Press “Location Services”.
  3. Scroll all the way down and click on “System Services”.

Turn off “Alerts and Shortcuts Automation”.

  • Disable Journaling Suggestions

Disable Journaling Suggestions

There is a new Journal app on your iPhone. If you prefer writing in a physical journal, you can remove the app or change the settings.

  1. Go to Settings and click on “Privacy & Security”.
  2. Scroll down and press “Journaling Suggestions”.
  3. Choose “Turn Off All”.
  • Turn off App Privacy Report

Turn off App Privacy Report

App Privacy Report runs in the background all the time. It watches what you do and makes a report for each app. Switching this off will save a lot of battery over time.

  1. Go to Settings and click on “Privacy & Security”. 
  2. Scroll down and press “App Privacy Report”.
  3. Press “Turn Off App Privacy Report”.
  4. Choose “OK” to confirm.
  • Use Low Power Mode

Use Low Power Mode

You can turn on Low Power Mode to stop the battery from dying quickly on iOS 17.5. This mode decreases background activities, visual effects, and mail checking. It saves battery life when you really need it.

Only use Low Power Mode when you have to. It turns off some phone features, as mentioned before. Here's how to turn it on:

  1. Swipe down on your iPhone to open the “Control Center”.
  2. Press the “Battery” icon at the bottom to switch on “Low Power”.

When Low Power Mode is on, your battery icon will be yellow.

  • Turn on Auto-Lock

Turn on Auto-Lock

If your Auto-Lock is set to Never, your screen stays on all the time. This drains your battery until you lock it yourself. But you can change the settings and set a timer.

Here are the steps:

  1. Go to “Settings” and click on “Display & Brightness”.
  2. Scroll down and press “Auto Lock”.

Now you can choose a time from the list. For example, if you pick 30 seconds, your iPhone will lock itself after being idle for 30 seconds. This saves battery life.

  • Turn off the Background App Refresh

Turn off the Background App Refresh

Background App Refresh is one of the main reasons your battery dies in 6-8 hours during the day. When apps refresh in the background, they use more power.

You can turn this off for all apps or just the ones you don't need.

  1. Go to “Settings” and click on “General”. 
  2. Press “Background App Refresh”.

You can now turn it off for all apps at the top. You can also look at the list and choose specific apps.

  • Switch off Keyboard Haptics

Switch off Keyboard Haptics

I like using Keyboard haptics myself. So I haven't switched it off to save battery. But if you don't need this feature, it's good to turn it off. The vibrations and sounds from keyboard haptics take extra power. 

Follow these steps to switch it off:

  1. Go to “Settings” and click on “Sound & Haptics”.
  2. Scroll down and press “Keyboard Feedback”. 
  3. Here, you can turn off Sound and Haptics.
  • Shut down your apps

Shut down your apps

Finally, shut down all the apps that are open in the background. Many people think this doesn't help save battery life.

But sometimes, background apps can crash. Then they use more battery than you realize. Once a week or at the end of each day, close all these apps. Then, start fresh the next day.