Apple iPad Pro 10.5 In Production As Of March

Good news for Apple iPad fans, or at least good leaks with a very high degree of probability, after Digitimes wrote today that Apple has started the production of the much anticipated upcoming iPad Pro 10.5 now in March.

Previously over the last 6 weeks it had been heard that all new iPads this year had been pushed back to a May-June timetable, but it now looks as if there will be at least two separate iPad unveiling and launch dates in 2017, starting with a possible iPad Pro 10.5 launch in the Apple Park on April 4, at a time when Apple employees will start moving into the round new Apple Park building in Cupertino, California.

Today's report quotes supply chain sources who also shared with the readers that the iPad Pro 10.5 will be targeted for education and business sectors, and that 1 million Apple iPad Pro 10.5 units will start to ship on their way to stores in March already.

iPad Pro

Two weeks ago it was speculated by financial analyst Rhoda Alexander that this new iPad with a 10.5-inch screen will have a display resolution of 2224 x 1668.

And ever since November last year have the indicators been strong for the 10.5-inch iPad to be “bezel free.” Since November it has also been believed that the iPad 10.5 will be powered by a A10X chipset too.

As for the other new iPads expected this year, it does appear right now as if the new 9.7-inch iPad and the new iPad Pro II 12.9 launch will be pushed back a few months, which at the moment sounds like June at the earliest.

Apple Park under construction
Apple Park under construction
– Tom Bowen