Apple iPad mini 6 Pro Screen And Processor Details Rumored

The new iPad mini 6 was launched just 1 1/2 months ago, but we're once more hearing a little more of the even higher end version, which is referred to among leakers as the “iPad mini Pro” even if nobody knows if that will be the actual name yet.

But tech leaker Tron shared some notes earlier today from the board of Clien.net where it's claimed by familiar people that the iPad mini 6 pro is a somewhat smaller upgrade over the regular iPad mini 6.

Apple iPad mini Pro specs are said to include a similarly sized 8.3-inch display, but with a 120 Hz refresh rate display from Samsung, and the Apple A15 processor tweaked to run at a higher 3.23 GHz frequency than the 2.93 GHz that the Apple A15 Bionic is currently running in the normal iPad mini 6.

RAM is also said to be kept at 4GB, and the price is said to be just a little higher.

People are still trying to figure out what Apple is going for with an iPad mini Pro 6, and we may need some more leaks to find out before Apple launches an alternative iPad mini.

– Tom Bowen