Alleco Alltab 2.0 – Diver Version Of Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 8.0 Now Launched

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 has been put to a lot of different uses by a lot of companies, both high and low. And now it is going even deeper, as it has also been born anew as the Alleco Alltab 2.0 for divers, where it's waterproof down to 150 meters or about 500 feet, with the touchscreen still working.

Designed by the diving company Alleco in Finland, the Alltab 2.0 is a standard Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 8.0, which has then been given a few extra accessories, fittings, and software. One of those accessories includes the GPS and Internet provider Allhub, where the GPS and celluar data connection floats on the surface along with the carrying case that dobles as a buoy, while a 12 meter antenna with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth communicates with the divers tablet.

There are now two versions of this divers tablet, where the Alltab TechRec is waterproof to 90 meters, and the Alltab MilPro being waterproof down to 150 meters. Both models comes with a wireless charger.

The Wi-Fi also works with gear like GoPro cameras and other Wi-Fi and other Bluetooth gear that can take the pressure of 90 to 150 meters, although the Wi-Fi range under water isn't the best.

– Jim Miller