Airpods and Chromebooks: A Less Than Perfect Pairing

If you own a Chromebook and love your Airpods, you've probably wondered if these two tech gadgets can work together seamlessly. The answer is yes, Airpods can indeed be used with Chromebooks. However, the experience may not be as smooth as you'd hope. In this article, we'll explore the pairing process and delve into the limitations you might encounter.

Pairing Airpods with Chromebooks

To connect your Airpods to your Chromebook, follow these steps:

  1. Open your Chromebook and click on the Menu option at the bottom right corner of your screen.

connect chromebook with airpods

  1. A popup menu will appear with various options, including Settings, Time, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth. If Bluetooth is not already turned on, enable it by clicking on the Bluetooth option.

connect chromebook with airpods

  1. Put your Airpods back in the charging case and press and hold the Pair button on the back of the case. Open the lid on the charging case, and you'll see the LED light blinking white, indicating that the Airpods are in pairing mode.


  1. Bring the Airpods close to your Chromebook, and you should see “Airpods” available in the Bluetooth devices list. Click on “Airpods” to pair them. The blinking light on the charging case will turn green, indicating a successful pairing.

  2. Use the volume button on your Chromebook's keyboard to adjust the volume on your Airpods. To disconnect, simply turn off the Chromebook's Bluetooth connection or navigate to the Bluetooth settings.

The Not-So-Smooth Experience

While Airpods can technically work with Chromebooks, the overall experience may leave something to be desired. Here are some issues you may encounter:

  1. Limited Range: Unlike when using Airpods with Android or Mac devices, the Bluetooth range with Chromebooks is significantly reduced. Instead of the usual 20-30 feet, you may find that the range is less than 5 feet.

  2. Lag and Delays: One of the most frustrating aspects of using Airpods with Chromebooks is the noticeable lag and delays. For example, you may experience a few seconds delay in audio playback when using the left Airpod, while the right one performs as expected. This lag can be temporarily fixed by removing and reinserting the Airpod, but it's still far from ideal.

  3. Missing Features: Some features commonly found when using Airpods with Macbooks, such as the double-tap gesture for playback control or automatic video pausing when removing one Airpod, do not work with Chromebooks.

  4. Compatibility Issues: Chromebooks are known for their less-than-stellar Bluetooth support, which may contribute to the challenges faced when using Airpods. Other truly wireless earbuds may work better with Chromebooks, suggesting that the problem lies specifically with Airpods and Chromebook compatibility.

While there are online guides suggesting workarounds, like enabling the “newblue” Chrome flag to improve Bluetooth performance, these fixes may not always solve the issues at hand.


In summary, Airpods can be used with Chromebooks, but the experience is far from perfect. The limited range, lag, missing features, and potential compatibility issues make it a less-than-ideal pairing. If you have an alternative option, such as using Airpods with an Android device, you may find a smoother experience. Ultimately, the choice is yours. Have you faced similar challenges when using Airpods with Chromebooks? Share your experiences in the comments.

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