9 Tips to Customize Contact Posters on iOS 17

iOS 17 comes with an exciting new feature – contact posters. When someone calls you, instead of a boring notification, you can set a personalized poster with the caller's name, photo, Memoji, or monogram initials.

These posters take over the entire incoming call screen, letting you express your personality.

Contact posters also get shared when using iOS 17's Name Drop contact sharing feature. So your friends will see your artsy or quirky poster when they call or text.

Select a Contact to Customize

Select a Contact to Customize
Select a Contact to Customize

First, open the Contacts app and tap your name at the top of the contacts list. This opens your contact card.

Next, tap Contact Photo & Poster, then Edit. Now tap Customize under the default poster and select Poster.

You can also create new posters from this screen by tapping the + icon instead.

Pick a Poster Style

Now choose a poster style at the bottom of the screen – Camera, Photos, Memoji, or Monogram.

Camera takes a new pic instantly. Photos lets you select existing images from your library.

Memoji builds a poster around one of your personalized animated emoji characters. And Monogram uses your initials in a text-based design.

Set a Custom Photo

To use a photo, tap Photos, then select your favorite selfie, portrait, or other great snapshot. Pinch and zoom to frame it perfectly.

Swipe left or right to toggle photo filters like black and white, sepia, or single color. Tap the colors at bottom right to tint the background.

Tap your name at the top to pick font styles and colors too. Choose a shade from the palette or enter a custom hex color code.

When your photo poster is picture perfect, tap Done.

Craft an Awesome Memoji Poster

To design a Memoji poster, select Memoji instead. Then tap the + to create a new Memoji or use an existing one.

Capture a pose for your Memoji by tapping the camera button and reacting to the countdown. Or select a built-in animated pose from the list.

Tap the colors icon at bottom left to customize the Memoji background color. Then edit the name text style and color at the top, just like with photo posters.

Finally, tap Done to save your lively Memoji contact poster masterpiece.

Show Off Your Initials in a Monogram

Show Off Your Initials in a Monogram
Show Off Your Initials in a Monogram

For a monogram poster, pick the Monogram option after tapping the + icon.

Tap the letters at bottom right to enter your 1- or 2-character initials. Then adjust background color, name text, and other elements similarly to the photo and Memoji posters.

Your bold initials will take center stage when friends and family call your iPhone.

Preview and Save Contact Posters

After finalizing your first custom poster, tap Done to preview it fullscreen. Then tap Continue to set this poster to also display in apps like Messages. Or tap Skip.

Return to edit mode anytime to create and manage multiple posters. Swipe left or right to cycle through them and delete unwanted ones by swiping up and tapping the trash icon.

When satisfied, tap Done again. Your contact card now shows your new poster awaits incoming calls.

Call Screen Personalization Made Easy

With iOS 17, Apple made showing off your style on every phone call a breeze.

Spend a few minutes customizing contact posters with your favorite snapshots, animated Memoji, or proud initials monograms.