8 Must-Have iOS 16 Features That Android Users Need ASAP

It’s that time of year again when tech giants Google and Apple unveil their latest mobile operating systems. While Android 13 focuses on enhancing the foldable and tablet experience, iOS 16 introduces a range of exciting features for iPhone users. As we explore the standout features of iOS 16, it’s hard not to wish for them to be available on Android 14 next year. In this article, we’ll delve into the top iOS 16 features that Android should adopt to enhance the user experience.

iOS 16 Features Android Should Borrow

Google has shown a renewed interest in tablets and foldable devices with Android 13. However, for Android 14, we hope to see Google draw inspiration from iOS 16 and introduce some of its remarkable features.

1. Multiple Lock Screens and Dedicated Widgets

iOS 16 introduces a significant overhaul to the lock screen, allowing users to customize it with multiple lock screens and dedicated widgets. While Google offers an Always-on-Display (AOD), it can enhance the lock screen experience by offering dedicated lock screen widgets.

2. Live Text for Videos

Apple’s Live Text feature, introduced in iOS 15, allows users to extract text from images. With iOS 16, Apple expands this functionality to include videos. Imagine being able to extract text from recorded lectures or presentations. Google should consider implementing a similar feature in Android to cater to the needs of students and professionals.

3. Visual Lookup to Share Subjects

While Google Photos can already detect objects in images and offers a magic eraser function to remove unwanted objects, iOS 16 takes a different approach with Visual Lookup. This feature allows users to extract the main subject from an image and easily share it with others. Google Photos can adopt a similar feature to enhance its sharing capabilities.

4. Live Activities on Lock Screen

iOS 16 enables users to check live activities from supported apps directly on the lock screen. Whether it’s tracking the Super Bowl score, order status updates, or even a live timer, having this information readily available without unlocking the phone or relying on widgets would greatly benefit Android users.

5. Share Group Tabs and Pin Tabs in Google Chrome

Safari’s Tab Groups feature allows users to bundle relevant tabs together, making it easier to share them. On the other hand, Google Chrome offers tab grouping but lacks an efficient way to share them. By adopting Safari’s approach, Google can enhance the tab-sharing experience for Android users.

6. Whiteboard for Idea Brainstorming

With Google’s increasing focus on the Android tablet ecosystem, it would be great to see an app for brainstorming ideas with team members and friends. Microsoft already offers a similar experience with Whiteboard on Windows 11, and Apple has introduced the Freeform app for iPadOS. Google can integrate this feature seamlessly with its productivity suite, including Docs, Sheets, and Slides.

7. Focus Filters

iOS 16 introduces Focus filters, allowing users to create distraction-free environments on their iPhones by filtering content based on specific contexts like work or personal life. Google experimented with personal/work profiles in the past, but Apple’s implementation looks sleeker and more refined. Google can take inspiration from this feature to revamp the Do Not Disturb mode on Android.

8. Safety Check

iOS 16’s Safety Check feature automatically resets sharing permissions and turns off location sharing in Find My in the unfortunate event of a fallout with a partner or loved one. Android users would benefit from a similar safety feature, streamlining the process of removing someone’s access to shared content across various apps.

Implementation is Key

Both Android and iOS are mature platforms, and Google and Apple often draw inspiration from each other when introducing new features. However, when adopting iOS 16 features, Android should aim for a seamless implementation that works cohesively across the Android ecosystem. By incorporating these top iOS 16 features, Android can provide its users with an enhanced and innovative mobile experience.

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