8-Inch Foldable Huawei Tablet To Launch In November Says Report

A report from South Korean ETNews, says that Huawei is so eager to launch a foldable tablet ahead of Samsung, that Huawei plans to launch their first foldable tablet in November this year.

Talks of a foldable Huawei tablet were first heard in October last year, when one of Huawei's own division CEO's admitted that Huawei was aiming to launch a foldable tablet in 2018.

But now the latest report says that the foldable Huawei tablet phone will be an 8-inch foldable tablet utilizing a flexible OLED display from the display manufacturer BOE.

BOE is additionally reported to have developed as much as four foldable display prototypes on behalf of two separate tablet and smartphone brands.

BOE's Gen6 flexible AMOLED line of flexible displays was launched in November 2017, so since then it has pretty much been up to tablet brands to decide to use them or not.

– Tom Bowen