8.4-Inch One-Netbook Onexplayer 1S Launching With i7-1195G7 CPU

It’s not like the One-Netbook Onexplayer is an old Windows computer as it was launched during the summer, but the innovative company has already upgraded it anyway.

Called the One-Netbook Onexplayer 1S, it is treated to an upgraded Intel Core i7-1195G7 processor, with of course 16GB RAM, and 1TB storage. Not bad for an 8.4-inch handheld Windows PC.

And let’s not forget that this gaming geared Windows PC even has its own little optional keyboard that attaches to the console with pogo pins, like any good tablet computer.

So if work is more what you do than gaming, the Onexplayer can be used to do a lot of work too, as you can easily attach or mirror it to a much larger screen if you need to.

The new One-Netbook Onexplayer 1S will be available globally in October for around $1200.

– Jim Miller