7 Ways To Spend Your Google Opinion Rewards

7 Ways To Spend Your Google Opinion Rewards

Google Opinion Rewards is a well-liked app available on both Android and iOS devices. The app involves completing surveys in exchange for rewards.

If you use an iPhone, you can transfer your rewards to your PayPal account, which allows you to spend the money on anything you choose. Android users, on the other hand, receive their rewards as a Google Play balance. This balance can only be used on specific Google products and services.

After accumulating a decent amount of Google Opinion Rewards, are you unsure where to use it? Here are seven ways you can spend your Google Rewards.

Now, let's explore some options for using your Google Play balance.

Steps to Find Out Your Google Play Account Balance

Before starting, you should check how much credit you have. To see your Google Play balance on your smartphone, simply open the Opinion Rewards app. Your balance will be displayed on the app's main screen.

If you want to check your Google Play balance from a computer, visit the Payment Methods section on the Play Store and log in with your Google account. Your balance will be shown there. For tips on increasing your balance, consider our advice on earning more through Google Opinion Rewards.

Once your balance is substantial enough, you'll be ready to spend it. Remember, there are limited places where you can use your credits, but you still have plenty of options for what to buy with Google Play credits.

1. Purchasing Paid Android Apps and Games on the Google Play Store

The Google Play Store offers a vast array of paid games and apps that you can purchase using your Google Play balance as long as you have enough to cover the costs.

With a variety of apps and games priced differently, you might even find a good app to download, even if your balance is low. However, you must ensure your balance is sufficient to pay the full price.

There are many excellent paid apps and games available, including practical utilities such as the permissions manager Bouncer ($1.99), the popular home screen app Nova Launcher Prime ($4.99), and top-tier games like GTA: San Andreas ($6.99) or Football Manager 2023 ($9.99).

2. Purchasing Subscriptions and Making In-app Transactions

The Google Play Store offers many free apps, yet require subscriptions or in-app purchases to access all features and content. Fortunately, you can use your Google Play balance to make these purchases within the app.

However, to purchase a subscription through an app, it must support billing via the Google Play Store. This excludes the ability to use your Google Play balance for subscriptions to apps like Netflix, Hulu, and similar services.

3. Should You Buy or Rent Movies on Google TV?

Google TV, previously called Google Play Movies, offers a wide selection of movies and shows in various languages from around the world. You can purchase or rent these movies with your Google Play balance and view them on your smartphone, PC, or smart TV.

To start watching movies, you must download the Google TV app if you don't have it yet. This app can be used on Android and iOS smartphones as well as many smart TVs. If the app isn't functioning on your device, you can visit its website and stream movies straight from any web browser.

4. How to Purchase Ebooks and Audiobooks on Google Play Books

Google Play Books offers a vast selection of eBooks and audiobooks, claiming to have the “largest eBook collection in the world” according to Google.

You can use your Google Play credits to buy items within the app. The Google Play Books app can be downloaded on Android and iOS smartphones. For other devices, you can access it by visiting the Play Store website through any web browser.

5. Key Reasons to Purchase a YouTube Premium Subscription

YouTube is the world’s leading video-sharing and streaming platform, boasting over two billion monthly users. Watching videos on YouTube is free, but many videos include ads at the start and during playback.

However, YouTube offers a premium subscription that allows you to view videos without ads. This subscription comes with additional benefits that might make it worth considering.

The cost of the subscription is $11.99 per month, but students can subscribe for $6.99 per month. You can also pay for this subscription using your Google Play balance, among other payment methods.

7 Ways To Spend Your Google Opinion Rewards

6. Get Your Google One Subscription Now

You receive just 15GB of free cloud storage shared among all your Google services, such as Google Photos, Drive, and Gmail. To increase your storage, you'll need to purchase a Google One subscription.

There are many benefits to having a Google One subscription. If you have enough Google Play balance, you can use it for this purchase. Simply download the Google One mobile app, sign in with your Google account, and click the Upgrade button on your screen.

7. Purchase Google Gift Cards

Ultimately, can you withdraw your Google Opinion Rewards balance as cash? No, Android users cannot exchange their balance for cash or deposit it into a bank account. However, if you use iOS, you can transfer it to your linked PayPal account.

For Android users, the most you can do is purchase gift cards with your balance up to a limit of $2000. You'll then need to find locations where Google Gift Cards are accepted.

Spending Your Google Play Credit

There are only a few options for using your Google Play balance, but if you use Android, it can be great for getting some free games or media items. Simply finish the surveys that pop up in your Opinion Rewards app to earn credits, which you can then spend on games, movies, eBooks, or various subscriptions as you wish.