6 New Lenovo Yoga Tablets For October 9

Lenovo's chairman and CEO Yang Yuanqing announced something interesting yesterday in the middle of the IBM acquisition press conference, when he said the following:

“To add some color to today’s pure enterprise business announcement, I also want to share a sneak preview of our products, regarding our PC and tablet business. Just next week we plan to announce some new members of our Yoga PC and tablet family. They are all very innovative and stylish, we believe they will become very popular presents for the holiday season.”

(UPDATED: See brief wrap-up of the new Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2's launched on October 9.)

Which we now consider to be a October 9 event in London where as much as 6 new Lenovo Yoga Tablets could be launched.

The event will be streamed live online through the video below.

Lenovo in London October 9 2014 at 7PM
Lenovo in London October 9 2014 at 7PM

If as many as 6 new Lenovo Yoga Tablets are unveiled, they could be 8-inch Yoga Tablet 2's – one with Windows 8.1 the other with Android 4.4. The same goes for 10-inch Yoga Tablet 2's – where one will run Windows 8.1 and the other will run Android 4.4. And there's no Nobel prize in assuming that the 13-inch versions Yoga Tablet 2 Pro's will have have the choice of either Windows 8.1 and Android 4.4 flavors.

If I'm actually right is another question. But at least the Android version have purportedly leaked for a while, so at the very least we expect to see upgraded versions of the original 18 hour battery life Lenovo Yoga Tablet computers.

New Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2’s About To Launch

Lenovo Yoga Tablet London Event October 9 2014

New Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2
6 New Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2's Launching? (Lenovo teaser poster modified by Tabletmonkeys)

– Jim Miller