6 Best Stop Motion Apps for Android: Unleash Your Creativity!

Stop motion animation is a captivating art form that has been around for decades. It allows you to bring inanimate objects to life by capturing a series of still images and playing them back in rapid succession. With the advancements in smartphone technology, you can now create impressive stop motion videos right from your Android device. In this article, we will explore the best stop motion apps available for Android that will help you unleash your creativity and bring your ideas to life.

Stop Motion vs Time Lapse Apps

Before we dive into the world of stop motion apps, let's clarify the difference between stop motion and time lapse videos. While time lapse videos capture a series of still images at consistent time intervals to create the illusion of time moving quickly, stop motion videos involve capturing still images with inconsistent time breaks to create the illusion of movement. Stop motion animations are all about bringing objects to life in a unique and captivating way.

1. Stop Motion

Stop Motion is a minimalist app that allows you to create stop motion, claymation, and animation videos effortlessly. With features like onion and grid overlays, you can easily align your frames and create smooth animations. The free version of the app offers limited video quality and includes ads, while the pro version, available for $1.99, supports HD resolution and removes ads. Although it lacks some advanced features like manual zoom and focus control, Stop Motion is perfect for beginners looking to dive into the world of stop motion animation.

stop motion

2. Motion

Motion is a versatile app that supports both stop-motion and time-lapse videos, providing you with more options for creative expression. Additionally, it offers a flipbook feature that allows you to create slideshows using existing images from your gallery. With features like timers, frame editing, and audio integration, Motion provides a comprehensive set of tools for your stop motion projects. However, it does have some limitations, such as a maximum limit of 30 photos when using images from the gallery and the lack of onion skinning and grid layout support.


3. Clayframes

If you're looking for a feature-packed stop motion app, Clayframes is worth considering. It supports onion skinning with a preview loop, allowing you to review your work as you shoot your video. You can export your videos in MP4 and AVI formats, add soundtracks or audio recordings, and even draw on imported images to highlight specific areas. With advanced features like frame duplication, speed adjustment, and on-the-fly editing, Clayframes offers a seamless and immersive stop motion animation experience. The lite version allows two videos with up to 50 frames each, while the pro version, available for $3.99, offers unlimited videos and frames.


4. Stop Motion Maker

Stop Motion Maker is another great app for creating stop motion animations. It offers features like onion skinning, grid-view, frame editing, and image importing. While it lacks the ability to record audio or add soundtracks, it compensates by supporting slideshow creation. The lite version is ad-supported and allows up to 200 images per movie with a watermark, while the pro version costs $1.39 and removes the watermark. Stop Motion Maker is a solid choice, although it falls slightly short compared to Clayframes in terms of features and functionality.

stop motion maker

5. PicPac

PicPac is a versatile app that allows you to create both stop motion and time-lapse videos. It stands out from the competition with its sound input feature, enabling hands-free operation by clapping to take a picture. You can also record voice or add sound files, use images from your gallery or time-lapse images, and even draw on your frames to add a personal touch. With autofocus, dimming, and an extensive music library, PicPac offers a rich set of features to enhance your stop motion videos. The pro version, available for $2.49 onwards, removes the watermark and supports HD resolution, among other benefits.


6. Stop Motion Studio

Stop Motion Studio is a powerhouse that offers a myriad of features for creating and editing stop motion animations. With overlay mode, grid and onion skinning, focus and zoom control, and frame editing capabilities, this app provides everything you need to bring your animations to life. It even includes seven special effects, fade options, and support for UHD (4K) video output. Additionally, Stop Motion Studio offers advanced image editing features, allowing you to remove unwanted parts, change backgrounds, and create new animations over frames. The app's professional-grade features make it a perfect choice for aspiring animators and YouTubers.

stop motion studio

Wrapping Up: Unleash Your Creativity with Stop Motion Apps for Android

In conclusion, stop motion apps for Android provide a wide range of tools and features to unleash your creativity and bring your ideas to life. Stop Motion Studio stands out as the winner, offering an extensive set of features and professional-grade capabilities. However, if you're looking for a more affordable option with slightly fewer features, Clayframes is an excellent choice. For beginners, Motion provides a user-friendly interface to get started with stop motion animation.

So, pick the app that suits your needs and start creating captivating stop motion videos right on your Android device. Let your imagination run wild and share your creations with the world!

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