6 Best Free PDF Editors Without Watermark for All Platforms

PDF format is a popular way to share important documents and files across the web. It's easy to create, share, and access, and offers security and space-saving benefits. However, editing PDF files can be difficult and frustrating. While there are paid PDF editors available in the market, they can be expensive and come with unnecessary features for regular users. Additionally, they often require multiple licensing and subscription plans, making the decision-making process more complicated.

For those who don't work with PDF files regularly, it's better to opt for a free PDF editor. However, most free editors add a watermark on every page, pushing users to upgrade to a paid plan. This is not ideal for those who need to do quick editing tasks only occasionally.

To help you navigate the PDF editor market, we've compiled a list of the best free PDF editors that don't add watermarks to your files.

1. Free PDF Editor Without Watermark for Windows

Did you know that Microsoft Word is capable of creating, converting, and editing PDF files? The best part is that it doesn't add any watermarks. Most Windows computers have the Office suite installed, which includes Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

To edit a PDF file using MS Word, simply open Word, click on “Open Other Documents,” and select the PDF file you want to edit. Word will convert the file, and you can easily edit it using the formatting options available. Once you're done editing, you can export the file back to PDF format.

2. Free PDF Editor Without Watermark Online

If you don't use a Windows computer or prefer alternatives to MS Word, online PDF editors like Sejda are a great option. These editors work directly in your browser, allowing you to edit PDF files on any computer that supports web browsing.

To use Sejda, simply drag and drop the PDF file onto the homepage. You can then edit text, links, images, add forms, sign documents, annotate, and more. Sejda also ensures privacy by deleting edited PDF files from their servers within 5 hours.

3. Free PDF Editor Without Watermark for Linux

For Linux users, Libre Office Draw is a powerful and free PDF editor. It is part of the Libre Office Suite, which offers alternatives to Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Libre Office Draw allows you to edit text, change images, add/remove pages, draw shapes, add tables, and sign important PDF documents. It also allows you to export files back to PDF format.

4. Free PDF Editor Without Watermark for MacOS

Formulate Pro is a PDF editor specifically designed for Mac users. It supports text editing, redaction, converting PDF files to/from other formats, and image editing with built-in OCR technology. While it lacks some advanced features, it provides a good solution for Mac users who prefer a dedicated PDF editor.

5. Free PDF Editor Without Watermark for Android

Xodo is a feature-rich PDF editor for Android that allows you to edit, annotate, fill forms, and sign PDF files. It supports highlighting, bookmarking, search, underlining, and note-taking. Xodo also syncs with cloud storage services like Dropbox, Google Drive, and OneDrive.

6. Free PDF Editor Without Watermark for iOS

PDFelement is a popular PDF editor for iOS devices. It allows you to edit PDF files, add/remove images, fill forms, sign documents, and annotate. PDFelement also supports converting PDF files to/from various formats and integrates with cloud storage providers.

In conclusion, there are free PDF editors available for all platforms, including Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android, and iOS. These editors offer sufficient features for most users and eliminate the need for expensive paid editors. Whether you need to edit PDF files occasionally or regularly, the options mentioned above will meet your requirements.