5 Best Aesthetic Notion Templates and Tips

Notion has become a favorite among power users for its ability to create customizable pages that help organize work and personal life. If you're looking to make your Notion pages more visually appealing, check out these five best aesthetic Notion templates and some tips to add custom fonts, icons, and widgets.

1. The Blissful Template

The Blissful Template stands out with its use of custom fonts, background colors, and icons. The author has even integrated GIFs and a custom cover image to make the Notion page more engaging. The minimalist design and organization using Notion sections add to its appeal. The default template includes a calendar, habit tracker, diary, to-do list, and more, but you can customize it to suit your needs.

blissful notion template

Download The Blissful Notion Template

2. Writer Page Template

If you're a writer, the Writer Page Template is perfect for you. This template provides a bare-bones structure for your writer's page, allowing you to add projects, monthly goals, resources, current activities, and writing tips. The use of a green color scheme throughout the page adds a cohesive and visually pleasing touch.

writer page template

Download Writer Page Template for Notion

3. Clean Green Self-Care Page

For those focused on self-care, the Clean Green Self-Care Page is a great option. This template helps you track all your health-related activities in one place. It includes sections for daily routines, exercise routines, a five-minute journal, habit tracking, stress reduction tips, and more. The beautiful theme image in the middle adds a nice touch to the overall design.

selfcare template in notion

Download Clean Green Self-Care Notion Template

4. Motivational Template

If you need a boost of motivation and want to stay organized, the Motivational Template is perfect for you. It features a dedicated tasks section with multiple filters, a morning steps log, a habit tracker, a daily journal, and a quote widget that changes every day. The template also includes a note-taking and task management system.

motivational template in notion

Download Motivational Notion Template

5. Dotion Template

The Dotion Template is perfect for creating and managing tasks and projects. It features a beautiful night and purple theme that adds a touch of elegance to your Notion workspace. With this template, you can easily manage projects, tasks, and prioritize your to-do list. Please note that this template requires a $10 payment to download and use.

to-do template in notion

Download Dotion Template

Apply Custom Text, Icons, and Widgets in Notion

To further customize your Notion pages, you can use custom text, icons, and widgets. Websites like igfonts.io offer a wide range of font styles that you can easily copy and paste into Notion to create a unique look. Additionally, there are dedicated Notion icon packs available that can make your workspace more vibrant and modern. You can also find various Notion widgets, such as Google Calendar, Countdown, Weather, and Quote widgets, on Indify.co.

By exploring these resources and integrating them into your Notion workspace, you can create beautiful pages that suit your aesthetic preferences and make your work more enjoyable.

Wrapping Up: Create Beautiful Notion Pages

Take advantage of the aesthetic Notion templates mentioned above and enhance your Notion workspace. Don't forget to customize your pages with custom text, icons, and widgets to make them even more appealing. With these tools and templates, you can create a visually stunning and organized Notion experience.